Monday, April 05, 2010

What a surprise I got this evening!!! I was surfing on ebay only because I like looking to see what is out there and lo and behold imagine my surprise when I see a picture that I took years ago. I know I have the picture on one of my CDs...why is that...because it is my tatting that is being pictured before I added it to the centerpiece and whats is my exact picture. I don't how she got this picture. I must have posted it somewhere online..but this person stole my picture without permission and has it showing a representation of the beehive pattern that is in Pam Plamers Tatting Treats. I have sent an email to the seller asking her where she got the picture from. I didn't tell her it was my picture. I am curious as to what she will tell me if anything. I didn't give permission for anybody to use my picture. Here, in this picture I scanned the part of the centerpiece of the same tatting, after it was put in my centerpiece from the Online project showing what could be done with the mignonette stitch, as a ground like crochet clones are used in Irish Crochet. The Centerpiece was an experiment. In the picture you can also see Martha Ess's bees. The flowers and twig with leaves I made up. But what a surprised this was.
Here is the url for the ebay listing...does something look familar here.

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