Friday, April 02, 2010

I hope everybody had a good time tatting on International Tatting Day. I made this bookmark. The boodmark design is by BeTsy Evans. I printed this off the computer years ago. I just tried to type in the url for it but it doesn't work. This bookmark is called Rainbow Heart Bookmark and was made using size 40 Lisbeth thread. Instead of putting a fringe tassel on it like the original in the picture shows I added some lock stitch chain and spiral chain with bits of tatting motifs at the ends. I did this mainly to use up some of the thread I had left on my shuttles.

So....what did you tat on International Tat Day???


Tatman said...

That is quite the "rainbow" bookmark and its color suits its name. Interesting colorway for the thread. You never know what a varigated thread will look like until you work it up. :)


battatter said...

oooh pretty! I tatted the newest member of the leprechaun family, check out my blog!

Anke said...

That's a very nice bookmark. Congrats! I too plan to tat this bookmark some time.
(I found the pattern HERE:
which is still working...)