Friday, April 24, 2009

I thought I would let you all know about the sale that Handy Hands is having. I got this email from Handy Hands this morning. Now is the time to get some threads you may have been wanting at a lower cost. Better hurry before all the thread is gone.

***SPRING CLEANING THREAD SALE** at Handy Hands TattingThere are several threads that are no longer made or we cannot get them anymore, so we decided to have a SPRING CLEANING on some of them.

Available while supplies last.Flora Size 50 - No longer made - Retail $4.25 - SALE $1.95.Hakelgarn Size 20 - NO longer made in colors- Retail $5.50 - SALE on certain colors

$3.25.Manuela- No longer get - Retail $5.95 - SALE $3.25. Omega 30 - Certain colors NOT made Retail $3.25 SALE $1.55.Omega 50 - Colors NOT made Reatil $3.80 SALE $1.95.Opera - NO longer Made - Retail $4.50 - SALE $2.15.

Handy Hands, Inc.www.hhtatting.comClick on "SPRING CLEANING THREAD SALE"Questions (217)379-3802 Monday - Friday 9-5 central time.

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erin said...

Thanks, Sherry! Got my #50 Flora thanks to you!

Hugs, Erin