Monday, September 10, 2007

OH MY GOSH.....Celticdreamweaver has blogged two days in a row...what happened I wonder.

What happened was PALMETTO'S TAT WEEKEND is what happened and now I have things to write about and pictures to share with you all that happen to stop by my blog for a relaxing read, viewing and that cup of Cafe' Mocha...( that is what I am drinking right now after having some blood work done. I go to see my doctor next week). for the fun part...First of all I left my house on Tuesday morning a week ago today. Hard to believe that time has flown by so very fast. I flew to Knoxville, Tenn. to visit with my friend Erin. So my fun began at the moment I got on the jet. I love flying. The earth is so beautiful from way up high. I had a safe trip. Did some tatting on the plane and looked at my knitting magazine that I bought and put in my suitcase unlooked at.
As I came down the esculator...what did my wondering eyes see but my friend Erin...."Hey Erin" to Erin's house we went getting the scenic tour of Knoxville on the way...I even got to see where Erin works. So when I talk to Erin again while she is a work...I will evision her inside a huge multi brick buildingsThen we got to Erin's house. There was Raymond...funny as usual. Erin has a nice house. When you look in you can see a craft person lives there. It felt right down homey. Erin has three kitty cats...all with their own personalities. I have allergies to cats...but I was not bothered by my allergies while staying at Erin. Of coarse I didn't pick them up and pet them alot either.

Erin showed me all the brimming ideas she had for her classes she was teaching. She put alot of time and effort in getting her samples ready...and she even went shopping to give out goodie bags to her students.
Wednesday she took me shopping to some of the haunts that she visits. One was a bead store. So of coarse I bought some beads there. I also even saw a pieces of raw Aquamarine which is my birthstone. I really wanted one of them. But at $29.00 for one I didn't buy any even though I am thinking $29.00 isn't really a bad price for a piece of Aquamarine. These were pretty good size with a hole drilled through them. I wasn't thinking it would be pretty in a center of a tatted necklace with the Aquamarine as the focal point. was a thought.

We went to a yarn store and yes I bought a big beautiful hand dyed hank of lace weight yarn for a shawl that I would love to knit someday. Yes folks, I do know how to knit and have been back into the knitting mode this past year. I did have my knitting with me in my suitcase but only got it out to show Erin the back of my sweater. Erin is making the same sweater using the same yarn as me but hers is a dark plum color whereas mine is a soft greyish blue color. The yarn is a Shetland type. Here is a picture of the yarn I bought. Tell me...are those colors me or what?
We stopped in the afternoon for lunch at and ate at what is now one of my favorite places to eat, The Macoroni and Grill Restaurant. I love the Rosemary Bread that they serve in there and they even gave me a couple loaves of the bread to take with my doggie container. I couldn't eat my whole meal....but it was just as good warmed up in the micro for my supper later on that evening. I did take that bread with me to South Carolina and flew it home with me. It is now is what I had for supper last evening with some cheese and crackers. It was just as good and still was a treat for me.
The free time Erin and I had at her house was painting bobbins and spangling them and coating tatting shuttles with nail polish. It is so nice to sit at a table with someone that enjoys the same crafty kind of things. Erin painted these bobbins for me. One has a bunch of shoes painted on it...Too funny!! One has a Fairy...and the other two have pretty flowers. She also decorated two white Areo wanna be shuttles for me. They are very pretty!! Thursday morning was loading up for our drive to Columbia, South Carolina for the Palmetto's Tat Weekend. Once we got going on the road after the kitties were dropped off at their baby sitters. Erin and I sat sewing and putting Monkey Sock parts together and creating their individual faces. These were presented to Riet at the Banquet at The Palmetto Event. I think Riet was very much surprised. She didn't get just one monkey but a Mommy and Daddy and brother and sister monkeys. A whole family. Here are a couple of pictures of the monkeys and Riet with her new family. Doesn't that picture with Riet and the monkeys look sweet? Back to Thurday here...once arriving at White Oaks Conference Center we got to greet and see our tatting friends again as they were arriving. White Oaks Conference Center is a really nice place for the event. So peaceful and I really enjoyed the wooden real rocking chairs that were here and there.

Friday was day. The vending room was open and there was a whole lot of things for sale in there. I bought a Terry Steiner inlayed wooden shuttle and I got the Hinton commemorative purple heart wood shuttle. I got the last one they had for sale. I love purple heart as a wood so I was lucky to get mine.

I didn't go hog wild over all the thread though I did buy some...but not much. I have alot of thread here at home so I didn't buy much of that.
What I did get lucky to get was a new book by Martha Ess on different kinds of hearts. I love the patterns in that book and I know I will be making lots of hearts out of that book. I did some proofing for Martha and got a complimentary copy signed by the designer herself. She also gave me a beautiful bookmark using the Maltese Ring in the design. Ahhh another treasure from a tatter. The bookmark is so pretty! I saw Terry McGuffin and all her very pretty Christmas tree ornaments. I was very lucky to be given a glass bell to make one of her bell ornaments. Hers on display had purple thread and beads. I want one like that. Now, I have no excuse not to have one except finding my bag of time which is hiding from me. I have been looking for that bag since I came out screaming when I was born and still can't find it anywhere. I also bought one of her kits to make a round ornament. So my tree might have real glass ornaments to go with a couple I have already that were gifts to me from Ginny Weathers. I did see Janey and she was going around slugging everybody...but there were not the ugly slugs that we have all seen but these slugs had beauty. I never did get a flea from her a couple years ago...but I have a slug from here. I always love to bring home tatting and other crafty things that are made by other people. Mark and Kim always have their beautiful crafty things to sell with them. So I bought one of Kim's needlecases in the shape of a butterfly. Very pretty! I bet that body has some of Mark's tatted castoffs. I also bought a piece of tatting made by Mark that uses the half closed rings and if you look in the center of looks like a spider that is seen in bobbinlace. That is so cool how he did that. Being a bobbinlacer too....I could see that spider right off in the center.

It was great to see Riet again. This time I pronounced her name correctly. When I first met Riet I pronounced her name as Riot and maybe she is a riot. I had asked Riet about a shuttle that she had gotten back in Holland that I thought was so pretty and asked her if there was a way she could get me one...I was willing to pay her...but she graced me with a gift of that same shuttle. It is so tiny and pretty. Here is a picture of the shuttle. Aren't I the lucky one?? :)
I bought a Clover shuttle that was painted by Hope Bates. As you can see it is blue and on the other side it had a frog and butterfly on it. Since I was taking the Tree Frog Pattern of Jane Eborral I was going to take it to class and use it for that class but I forgot it and it was left in my room. By the way of the three classes I took...Jane's frog was the only project I finished. But I knew before going that I wasn't going to be able to finish Mark's flower petal or Iris Niebach's doily slice...I will be doing those soon and get them finished. After writing this blog I am going to practice cluny tatting and Maltese Tatting for the day. I have the day off from baby sitting so I can concentrate today on trying to get these two techniques somewhat down. Here is a picture of Hope Bates decorated shuttle, front and back.

Now for my second cup of coffee today which will be just a straight up black java regular coffee. My Cafe' Mocha is gone. :(
Now to move on here....

Before going to Palmetto I finished two projects here at home. One was my purple hat that I started making two years ago. My original intent was to make it and enter it in the competition last year. But when the strike thing happened at my husband's work...survival was more important so I couldn't go to Palmetto last year so my hat got put away. So....I got it out a couple months ago and finished tatting my hat. I wore it all over the place in South Carolina but don't have a picture of me wearing my hat...or a picture of my hat. So you will have to see someone elses picture of me and my hat.

The other project I started was making a huge tatting bag using scraps of brocade that I had around the house. I made the pattern using quilting pieces for My Grandmother's Flower Garden. I will say it is bright...but is pretty to look at. The pieces of material just shimmer with lots of color. This a big bag which will hold quite a few of the usual tatting bags at once.
For my classes as I said...I took Jane Eborall's Tree Frog class. You can see my finished frog here.

I wonder what Jane and Mark were doing here...hmmm??

I took Mark Myer's Florabunda rose Class. I didn't get this project done. Not enough time....and I really think I was being good and stay focused on working on my flower...just not enough time...but will finish the flower here at home on my own. I hope I can figure the rest out and do it some justice. Mark's examples were so very pretty. I am making mine in light pink and a varigated orangish peach and yellow WildFlowers' thread made by Caron. I want my rose to look like the coloring you see in a Peace Rose. Here is Mark...all smiles. I took Iris Niebach's doily slice class. I was intrigued with the doily for it had a ton of techniques in the pattern....something to really work my brain. The doily is very pretty when finished. She had samples of the doily and the doily slices in different combinations of colored thread. I did buy some thread to make the whole doily. I got an yellow that isn't bright, peachy orange, pink and a light orange Altin Basak. There again using threads that remind me of a Peace Rose. Not sure how it will turn out...Iris was so very nice and gave each of us in her doily class a tatting shuttle that is sold in Italy. I have never seen this shuttle here in the states before. Anyhoo....I have two projects that are not finished that I will be working on...and unlike some people I have a tendency to finish projects started in a teaching class after I get home. Hey...when you pay money to take a class I figure the least I can do is finish the class projects will be seeing them eventually here. Stay tune for them down the road here on my blog.

I have the day off from baby sitting today so it will be mainly a practice cluny tatting which Mimi showed me how to do outside of classes. That was so nice of her and I will be practicing my Maltese Rings today since I can concentrate pretty much without a bunch of interruptions. The teachers were really, really great in taking the extra time to show those of us that weren't even in their classes how to do different techniques. I thought that was so great of them! :)
Here is a picture of Mimi and Mark...Mimi teaching and Mark practicing.

The display of tatting was wonderful. I did see Mark Myer's 3D angel that he designed and made. I have to say honestly...the pictures of his angel on his blog do NOT do this pretty angel I am sure Mark will not mind me sharing my pictures I took of his angel with you. In the pictures on Mark's blog you can not see the really cool looking hair doo the angel has...and I didn't even realize that his angel had arms and hands that come together like she is praying. I took some really close up of his angel that I am sharing with you. Mark...if you are reading can either take my pictures of your angel off my blog or you can email and I will send you the angel pictures so you may put them up on your blog too. But the angel was beautiful to behold.

I got to see Iris Niebach's tatting that I have seen pictured in my books by her. Which I will say that I took a couple of my Iris Niebach books with me for her to sign for I knew she was going to be there. And took some pictures of her beautiful work.

I also got to see the display of a Flower Garden that was made by Mary Donohue. To me her garden was very much so a representation of a Flower Garden which was the theme for this year. I loved that.

But the flowers in the vase was also very nice, but to me didn't represent the theme. Flowers in a vase are from a flower garden. But I will say the tatting in that was obsolutely perfect. Just perfect and beautifully displayed too.

The banquet was a hoot. Georgia Seitz was the speaker for the banquet and I just loved her speach on the faries. I would so love to have a copy of her speach so I can look at it again. IT was beautiful. And seeing one of Georgia's one of a kind shuttle go for $150.00 I think it was was truly amazing. If I had the money I would have put my money up too...but I don't have that kind of money. The money from the shuttle is to go into a scholarship for tatters in the future.
This is Georgia and Gina Brummett. And a picture of Gina Brummett by herself.

This is Gina Brummett's mask with tatting applied on the outside. Isn't it cool looking??

There was some really fun times. Erin and I presented sock monkeys to Riet during the banquet which I think I mentioned earlier. We also present Mark Myers Mr. Tatman with his very own trash metal can with a picture of Batman actually on the can but instead of Batman's face are looking at the blue eyed, sandy reddish blond hair of Mark Myers. We even gave him his very own Tatman action figure. It was so funny that I just about died of laughter which Mark if you are reading this...Erin and I were laughing about this even before I left home. And your face was so very red from the presentation for all to was a REALLY BIG HOOT...( is there an owl somewhere?) I don't have any pictures of this time of the banquet and hope somebody out there will share their pictures with I can see the fun too from the audience point of view. All I know was that was great heart got such a jolt of good laughter which is healthy for the heart and mind.
Mark also gave me a good size purse that he told me was a one of a kind and I believe him. IT was bobbinlaced out of yarn and lined with material. That bag Mark is my very first piece of bobbinlace that has been made by a friend and given to me. I will treasure it always.

I just want to say here that I treasure things that are made for me and are then given to me by my friends. They mean more to me than anything store bought. ( Excuse my bit of mush here...but it is the truth.)
This is Ruth Perry and some of her tatting.

Anyhow....I am now going to start uploading some picture here...and I will make my comment if there are any next to the pictures. Enjoy the eye candy. We have here Pam Freck.


Laritza said...

You got beautiful shuttles and pictures. Glad you had fun. What about BW? a picture?

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Thank you for sharing all the pictures. What an event it must have been!

Iris Niebach said...

Dear Sherry
Thank you for your nice comments and pictures. I'm enjoying them very much. It was a pleasure for me to meet you at Palmetto Tat Days,