Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi out there in Tattingland!!

The past couple of days I have been playing around with the Iris Niebach Doily...which is from a class that I took with her. She was wonderful by the way. is a few pictures showing the first round of her doily. I believe there are three more rounds to go. I think the next round consists of clunies...( Ouchy!!!) and some block least I think it does....will have to go and look.
I decided that I was going to use colors that made me think of the Peace Rose. So that is why you are seeing pink and yellows in the first picture with the green. In the other picture was the colors that was in a class kit that I bought so I wouldn't have to worry too much about bringing thread from home. I can only get so much stuff crammed in two suitcases you know.

I had asked people to send me pictures to upload onto my blog so everybody could enjoy seeing the pictures from Palmetto Tat Weekend. I also wanted to see a picture of me wearing my Purple Tatted Hat. Sue if you are reading this blog...what do you think of my hat? Pay no attention to the "Beauty Queen" wearing the hat...just look at the hat. LOL

Here is a link to Nancy Clemmons. It is a slide show or you can see the pictures individually. Enjoy!! Thank you Nancy for sharing with us. I do hope that others will send their pictures to me to upload. Lets share Huh??


Anonymous said...

Sherry, your centers of Iris's tour de force doily are beautiful and inspire me to return to my humble attempts to make it!
Also, immensely enjoyed Nancy's pics of Tat Days.
Thank you!
Katie Verna

Needledreams said...

That's so pretty! I like the colors of the 2nd one. Always love how burgundy and green look together. I'm still sad 'cause I couldn't go to Palmetto's.