Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hi everybody!!! Celtic Dream Weaver here it is three days in a row I have posted to my blog...

Since being home I have looked at my treasures that were either made for me or given to me by the kindness of the giver. I have to say that Tat People are so very generous. I showed you the pictures of some of my new treasures already that was given to me at the Palmetto's Tatting Event.

Today...I recieved in the mail a beautiful and really nice representation of Bedfordshire Bobbinlace that was given to me by Connie Angeline. She was already so very generous to me at the Palmetto Tatting Event and now she has graced me with the care of a very old piece of lace.

I have been studing it. It has the nine pin lace edging and it has the trails and even what we that make bobbinlace call raised tallies or clunies. The lace is made with very thin thread and is very delicate.

Connie if you are reading this...thank you so much for the beautiful piece of lace. I will take very good care of it. You mentioned to me that you were going to mail the lace right out to me as soon as you got home and I guess you did for today is Wednesday and I have the lace in my possession already.

Here is a picture of the beautiful lace that I am so lucky to now own.

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