Saturday, November 26, 2005

Here is a bobbin that I painted yesterday. It is A Charlie Brown Christmas bobbin. I am telling you...Charlie Brown looks easy to paint...but it is hard to get his expression just right for someone who has just a circle for a face and a couple dots and a few squiggly lines. I did copy this from a picture that I had taken out of a catalog along time ago. He took me along time to paint with Snoopy included on the dog house. I love to paint sometimes...and I really get lost and hate to be interrupted when I am painting for I am concentrating so hard on what I am doing that I hate the train (thought) to leave the station before I am ready for it to....but there comes a time when I feel I can't do anything else to it to make the painting better, I am just not that much of an I finally say...the painting is done and I am done with it....
Hope everybody had a safe and fun time on Thanksgiving day.


erin said...

Holy bobbin, Batman! Sherry has been busy, busy, busy!

I LOVE these bobbins and I still don't see how you do them without assistance from the Hubble space telescope. That snowman bobbin is adorable! But wait! The Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse bobbins are adorable, too! They're all just tooooooo cute!

Oh, golly!

Mark, aka Tatman said...

Way CooL!! I am a big fan of Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the gang. Not to mention some of the other characters you paint on the bobbins. You do such detail work. I would think a that a technical hobby microscope would work well to see all the detail. Ya know...the kind that has a glass and arms with clasps to hold the object steady while you work in the fine detail ;)

Pssst.......wouldn't mind a few bobbins with these characters to use on my pillow. I won't tell anyone, ESPECIALLY the creator of the character! LOL! :-D