Monday, November 14, 2005

Another ornament....oh my.....this one I did in white and look like a snowflake ornament. So what do you think of it.

How about one in white and blue like this one....what do you guys think?

Yesterday I went to Chrystal's baby shower. She is looking pretty big already. She has two months to go yet. Next week they are doing another ultrasound to check on the baby's size. Timmy Guy weighed 8 lbs. when he was born and was really too big for Chrystal to deliver naturally. Timmy Guy's lung callapsed from the stress of going down the birth canal. He is healthy now...but it was scary there for a bit. He was taken to a large hospital ( Strong Memorial Hospital) soon after he was born. Being that babies tend to be big on the Dad's side and the problems with Timmy Guy's birth and being Chrystal is so big already...they are keeping track of the baby's size this time better I think than when Chrystal was pregnant with Timmy Guy. Here is a picture of the Mommy to be that I got yesterday....doesn't she look like a happy Mommy to be...?

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erin said...

Wowie, wow! I'm loving these ornaments. Chrystal looks like the perfect mommy-to-be. My sister-in-law was HUGE at that point. In fact, Chrystal looks like Michele did when she was only five months along. Michele is 5'3". I thought we were going to have to roll her around before the baby came. ;-)

Beeyoodeeful! You're a lucky mommy, Sherry!