Sunday, April 22, 2012

How sad is it that CNN didn't mention the death of Johnathan Frid who died April 14th of natural causes. He was 87 years old. I know that Johnathan is suppose to be cameoed in the new Depp Dark Shadows movie and it is to be released in May I believe. How sad Johnathan didn't live long enough to see the movie hit the theatres. I will say that from looking at the trailers of the upcoming movie I am ...not impressed. I might by pass seeing this movie with Tim Burton touch or not. My parents were poor and worked in a restaurant but my Dad new how much I loved "Dark Shadows" and would surprise me every once in awhile with a Dark Shadows paperback book. Here is a picture of my books my Dad got for me which as you can see since they were so special to me I still have them. I also purchased the "Dark Shadows Compaion" book you see in the middle. It has Kathryn Leigh Scott's autograph in that one. I am really saddened by his lost to our world. Rest in Peace Johnathan.

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Unknown said...

From what I have seen of the trailers, they seemed to have turned the whole thing into nothing more than a joke line. Yes, there was some funny stuff in the original but seriously I am not sure what to make of this upcoming movie. I used to watch the show every afternoon when I came home from grade school. I always wondered what happened to him and why we never saw him in anything else.