Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here are some pictures with the name and color number of some new thread colorways that will be available soon. Autumn Spice has the following colors.. Mocha brown dk and med, terra cotta dk, harvest orange dk and lt, olive dk and med .

Fruit Frizz has the following colors in the colorway ... Raspberry pink med, autumn orange med, melon lt, purple med

Berry Burst has these colors...violet dark, Bosenberry dark, cornflower blue med, and country turquoise.

And Leafy Greens have these colors of greens...Leaf green med, pine green, olive med, leaf green lt

There are are more colorways but I don't have the pictures to show you all...but I can tell you the colors in the other colorways coming soon to

These are...Color 153 – Rainbow Taffy – Pink lt, autumn orange med, yellow lt, avocado green vy lt, electric blue lt, purple med.
Color 154 – Wildflower Garden – Lilac med, Purple lt, autumn orange med, pink coral med, blossom pink med, olive dk

Wildflower Garden is from an old Maneula that Handy Hands got by mistake. What there was of it was loved and sold out quickly. Since it was a mistake that colorway no longer came from Maneula. But it will be available in this line of thread of Lizbeth.

I believe there will eventually be a new different shades of brown vareigate coming too.

Then there are also going to be the new solid colors listed here:

Color 696 – Autumn Orange Med
Color 615 – Yellow Lt
Color 619 – Baby Pink
Color 649 – Baby Blue

I also believe there will be a very pale purple to go along with the baby colors.

I am also sharing a scan that shows a motif that was tatted using the new size 80 thread that will also be available soon. I am showing you the scan so you can see how often the color changes are.

In talking with Barbara Foster of Handy Hands she wants to know what other colors you would like to see in the Lizbeth thread line. She has requested of me to find out and let her know. If you leave me a comment on what those colors/colorways are I will pass them on to her. We want to be sure that any color you need in your tatting...Lizbeth thread will have it.

Also I was very lucky to help Martha Ess proof some tatting patterns. Here are a couple pictures of my proofing. Martha said I could share with you.


Debbie Arnold said...

Hi Sherry, Would love to see bright daffodil yellow and a lighter yellow to go with it in the Lizbeth threads. Love the new combinations! Also need a light orange and light yellow to match what is in color 132.

Martha said...

I love your motif at the top. Which colorway is that?

Ann said...

Wow--beautiful colors! Sherry, do you think the Lizbeth thread would work for cross-stitch? Some of those color combos are FANTASTIC!

Fox said...

Wonderful motif at the top.
Fox : )