Friday, December 11, 2009

Hiya everybody in Cyberland. Not too much to report here except to say...I have been really, really busy in getting stuff done for my exchanges. Busy...busy...busy....but I did take some time out to do this cross stitch picture. The design is called "Tis Halloween" and it is done by the "Plum Street Sampler by Pauline. ......OH did you get the name...but it says Christmas in the picture doesn't it. know me....I always like to do something different. I love this picture design. I love the witch in the sleigh going along and take a look at those those are what I call different looking snowflakes from the usual ones you see cross stitched. Check out those colors too...Anyhow...this design was originally for Halloween. It was done on orange color linen and it did say "Tis Halloween". Since I am so poor these days...I took a piece of scrap evenweave material. I don't know if it is linen or cotton. Anyhow...I painted it green, red and a sprinkling of gold to get that Christmas look and then I changed Halloween to Christmas. I love this design and I think I will make it again down the road. Check out the other Plum Street Sampler designs. I want to do "Paradise Lost" eventually. It is a sampler and a really cool and colorful one at that.
Right now I am thinking...what should I do with it...any of you got any suggestions out there in Cyberland.

I have also finished my one square knitted shawl from Goddessknits

My shawl was a Kal a group of knitters on Yahoo groups. This shawl might even be one of the shawls she is selling the pattern for now...but I don't know what she has called it. Anyhow...I don't have a picture of that shawl yet. But I will hopefully soon. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I can't show anything else right now is all a bunch of twinkling secrets right now.
Until next time...keep dreaming those wishes.


erin said...

What a lovely picture, Sherry! I think your interpretation is a hoot - I also look forward to seeing what comes out of the workshop next!

You're always full of surprises!


battatter said...

OMG I love that witch in the sleigh! That is sooo cute! Here's an idea.. give it to me! Just kidding..(not really!)
I couldn't see the knitted shawl part.. you had to sign into the site. Anyway.. very cool cross stitch!

Leeland said...

Hi Sherry,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
You commented on my blog about the snowman by Val's stuff from a newsletter. I'm sorry I haven't been able to find the pattern. I had it printed and stitched it and I must have thrown it away afterwards (I remember stitching the same pattern only once... so I surely did that).
I'm terribly sorry to disappoint you.
I have discovered your beautiful blog with much pleasure, though.
Enjoy the holidays coming ;)

Cindy's Stitching said...

I read my blog. I don't know the pattern you described and are looking for. I wish I could help you out. You have some pretty pieces on your blog. Love the snowflake