Sunday, December 14, 2008

Okay it is picture time again. In the one picture is a scan of some of the Celtic Snowflake from designer Ruth Perry. They are made with the HH Lisbeth thread. Talking about that Barb Foster went to China because she didn't like the inconstitency in the thread. Barb has put alot of time and money into the new thread line adventure. Now she will be dealing with a different company in China...but the thread color line will remain the same with a few added colors.

In the other picture is my Knitting Rules needlegauge and an experiment thread winder made by Karen Smyders

She even personalized my needle gauge with Celtic Dream Weaver. How cool is that??? I love the thread winder. She made the slit small which is what I told her would be best. I gave her this idea to make the thread winder like a snowflake to match the Snowflake needle gauge. On the outside spokes of the snowflake is open at the tips. If you look closely you can see that so if you wanted could thread your thread through one of those diamonds. I have the proto type lucky me...and I think it is really pretty. I gave you Karen's Blog url for you can contact her if you would like any of the three things you see pictured. Her work is quality work. Just Beautiful.


Gina said...

I love that wooden knitting gauge.

Unknown said...

Your celtic snowflakes are beautiful! The snowflake needle gauge is lovely as is the thread winder! I got some lovely thread winders from Laura Blanton.

Laritza said...

How does the experiment thread winder work? I want a needle gauge with curly sheep :)

erin said...

Ooooooooooooooooo, it's snowing colors at Sherry's house! Sooooo pretty! I'm loving that wooden gauge, too. Hmm. That reminds me - I haven't seen my gauge in forever. Another item lost to the great mountain of junk in the Chamber of Horrors. Gaaa.

Anonymous said...

nice "flakes!!
Neat knitting ruler too. Makes me wish
I could knit!!!