Saturday, December 27, 2008

I finally opened my packages on Christmas night. I had so much work to do with the entertaining my know food, sharing, and just being together which for me is wonderful. I wanted to wait until my work was done...dishes washed and put away and so on.

I want to thank so much my Secret Santa Wendy from the UK. I don't know you Wendy and I can't remember you posting. But...obviously you know of me.

First of packages were all individually wrapped. I was so surprise to see that after I opened my package so I had to go and get my camera out again after I had put it away so I can get a picture of all my packages before I opened all of them. Wait until you all see all the little packages. Hehe!

So one by one while sitting next to my husband (and he was watching me) I opened them. This is what I recieved.Two tatted ornaments. One is a very pretty Christmas tree with gold beads and a pretty tatted star on top. The other ornament is Jack Frost I think or Icicle Man. I have not seen this pattern before. Wendy...where did you get it? It is so cool!! Did you make the pattern up?

It is funny that I said something on the list about liking the tiny Christmas stickers that were on the outside of my package and if I could get more...well ...this is kinda funny..but she also included three sheets of stickers in the package.

Then for the Halloween Spirit in me...she sent me fake nails that have spiders on them. Hehe. She also sent me a beautiful varigated spool of Guttermann Sulky thread. Shade of pink and purples together. Something will get made with that.
I also got an assortment of tiny delica beads in purple, green and salmon color.

I got two Milkybars made by Nestle'. I have never seen this kind of candy bar and since I am all sweet out for a bit...I will save these for a few days...but Wendy...are these white chocolate. I love white chocolate. I have a story to tell here. I was in the UK years ago. I found a big pound size bar of white chocolate in one of your stores over there. I nursed that bar for along time on my tour...but though I think it was made either by Nestle's or Hersheys which I can't remember which right now...I found it odd that I have never seen the white chocolate bar here in the states where the chocolate is from originally. If anybody in the UK find that white chocolate bar again....send one over here...LOL

Then I got a strip of material that has in squares aSnowman, and Reindeer on it... that could be used to make...well I will let my imagination run wild...But it is again funny seeing this material for it reminds me of the Santa Material that Gina raffled off.

I also get a little kit to make a pair of angel earrings. I haven't made them yet...but I will. I love angels and all things Celtic and Medieval like castles, knights and so on.

I also got two sparkly black bangles. I can use these to make some Halloween ornaments with. Now wouldn't that be so cool.

I also get another kit that has a tatted gold butterfly with an enamel Santa Face, stars and an angel charm. Wendy...O Wendy...what am I suppose to make with the kit. Whisper in my ear of what it is to be...LOL

I also got this beautiful huge card with a beautiful print of The Cathedral at Canterbury from an oringinal watercolour by David Birtwhistle. This such a beautiful work of art. When I was in the UK I didn't get to see Canterbury. Maybe someday if I ever get lucky enough to go back to the UK and Ireland I will be able to see Canterbury Cathedral.

Can you believe this!!!!!!! There is more..... I also got a package of hankies with snowman on them. A scissor sheve... and...I got a pretty skein of pale pink thread. I am not sure if it is silk or rayon. Do you know Wendy?

I also got a pink and purple plastic Christmas stocking with my name on it. I think it is meant to be a minature Christmas ornament for I can put a ornament hanger through it.

I also got a scoop that I guess I would use to scoop up beads with.

And like I said...Wendy knows of me for she also knows I do bobbinlace.. .and I found a very nicely turned pair of lace bobbins for my bobbinlacing pleasure. The spangle is so pretty and festive looking. I don't know what kind of wood the bobbins are made of. Maybe you know Wendy.

I also got a small beautiful glittery Christmas Card that I thin is small enough to use as an Christmas ornament for the tree. Thank you..... thank you....thank you...thank you.....thank you....Wendy. Please send me an email so I can write to you personally. Thank you Gina too...I loved everything that was in my exchange with Wendy. I will get some pictures taken and post them on my blog.


Unknown said...

What a great bunch of goodies you got from your secret santa! Thanks for sharing. The tatted tree is great! The Jack Frost is cute. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year, as well! :)

Jane Eborall said...

Heh, heh, heh!!!! No wonder you kept dropping hints to me!! It was the fact that the package came from the UK which got you foxed!! I knew it wasn't from me but I wasn't going to tell!!! That's the best thing about SS's!!!
As I already knew that Wendy was sending to the USA I didn't bother to get mine disguised in the usual way. I usually send mine to somebody in the USA who then sends it on to my SS for me. I'm a crafty old git!!!