Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have one very brave soul who sent me pictures of the hearts she made for her daughter when she got married. This is what Gina Deriso said...

Hello Sherry!

I'd like to include a photo of my heart, please. I made it for my daughter when she got married. I made each heart separate, to represent each of them being entirely whole on their own, and the the celtic heart at the bottom, to show how your lived intertwine, yet you still retain your self, but the only way to separate is to be cut apart. I added a poem and framed it all, though I don't know where the photos of that ended up.

Anyway, I am a needle tatter, and had hoops to jump through to work the pattern on the needle, but with persistence, I did do it. This heart is so lovely, when finished. I am just amazed at the talent of designers.

Anyhow I love the hearts and from the picture with the hearts combined into looks perfect to me. I also like her color choice. She did a great job!!! I hope there will be others to give this heart pattern of Martha Ess a try.

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