Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Challenge....
I think if you can make this heart correctly then you must be an expert tatter. I am showing you two scans...the front of the hearts and the back of the Hearts. This pattern is Martha Ess. This is Martha's Blog URL:
and her Website is:

Martha's Heart is on the right of the pictures....the one in purples. She gave this heart to me years ago. I just love it. I have been making alot of hearts lately....and I had to give this one a whirl....well.....let me tell you.....it took me a week to make this heart....and guess what...look at mine and then look at Martha's and not all the mistakes I have in my heart. So.....I am going to make this heart again...and I challenge you tatters out there to try and make this heart. It is a real challenge...and I thank Martha for sharing this pattern with the rest of us tatters. I wonder how many of you are brave enough to try and make this heart. The heart is a beauty and worthy of any tatter that thinks they have the know how to make this heart. If you do...I will gladly share you heart with the tatting masses on my blog...I wonder how many variations we could get.
This heart pattern is made in one pass...no cutting or tying until the end. The heart pattern can be found here.
So get your shuttles out!!! It takes four shuttles at the same time to make this heart. Does that give you a clue how hard this pattern is???
Believe me ....this is a pattern of a pattern of a pattern....very difficult to me...but I am going to try again...Who is with me????!!!!! Can you do it?? Well....can you??
Here are the two pictures.


Tattycat said...

Is this a challenge? You are too funny! Sounds like a Dirty Harry movie "Are you brave enough, punk?" Yes, I'll try. I'm just that stubborn. However, if it was that hard for you I haven't a chance of doing very well!

NormaH said...

Too big a challenge for me at this time BUT I love hearts also .... just haven't tried tatting any as yet. I'm stuck on butterflies at the moment LOL

erin said...

Sherry, that's stunning!

I'll have to dig out four empty shuttles! Egads!


AnneB said...

I'm on it! I might not post it in my blog when it is done as the one receiving it for her wedding is frequently reading my blog.