Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today just to do SOMETHING, my husband and I went to an antique mall and looked around. Not intending to spend any money for we have bills to pay...but I did find this..and paid only $5.00 for it. I think I got a good deal...what do you all think. This is Teneriffe Lace. It has Paraguay on it that was embroidered. Teneriffe is a made in mainly Spanish Speaking Countries. The other name for it is Sol Lace which means Sun Lace. I happen to think it is a good representation for Teneriffe Lace and I love the way it was done on a piece of material that was stretched onto this frame with string...simplicity in itself. My husband is trying to talk me into selling it.... I do make this kind of lace myself...and I really do like the way this was done. I have a feeling it was a souvenir of Paraguay.

By the way...why can't I ever remember how to spell souvenir...I always have to look that word up in the dictionary. Always....

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