Friday, October 19, 2007


I have a UFO that landed right into my tatting bag. The tatted piece is designed by Jane Eborall and it is her tatted mat. As you can see on the outer edge I was using a bluish teal looking color inside the pink varigated thread. I think in looking at the picture you can see what I was doing with it. I want to be able to finish going around like I started it but I ran out of the bluish teal thread. The thread is made by J&P Coats in size tatting thread 70/80. The color number is 73 on the back of the label. I am hoping that someone has this particular color and brand so I can continue going around and then move on with the tatted mat. I am willing to pay for the thread if any body has it...otherwise...I will get rid of all of those ends you see...and it will be labeled "My UFO"for now.

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