Thursday, March 30, 2006

This probably going to be the last post that I will do until after the Hector event is over. Yesterday since I had my sewing machine out sewing ....I thought I would finish Peyton's birth announcement. So here is a picture of it. It is now in a frame. I took the picture without the frame so the glass would reflex and distort the picture. The letters for his name are tatted and the pattern for those is out of a Japanese tatting book that I have. The particulars were cross stitched and the stork tatted...Jane's Pattern and the baby buggy pattern came from an old Anna magazine that I have.
I am going to be really busy for the next few days...and won't have much time to be on the computer.
Hope to see some of you at Hector, NY this coming weekend.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I know it has been awhile since I have I have a few things to share with you all. First of all on etatters list there has been some discussion with Peter Cua of Philippines. He has been experimenting making shuttles out of horn. He also experimented doing some etching on the horn shuttles. Today FedEx stopped and delivered a package from Peter to me. These are the dragon and Phoenixes etched shuttles that he sent to me.

Aren't these shuttle beautiful. They are all hand etched. If you click on the picture you will see a closer picture to see the detail of the artwork. I have had a busy day so I haven't had a chance to try them out yet...but I will believe me. The etching looks like silver on the black. In places you can see where the etching is brown...that is the horn I believe. When you hold these up to the list you can see through the horn. They are really beautiful. And the etching is on both sides of the shuttles.

I will be taking these shuttles with me to Hector this coming weekend, so people can see how beautiful they are with their own eyes....They are so pretty....and I just happen to love dragons as you all know....which leads me to....

What will I be teaching in Hector this coming weekend. I will be teaching a 3D dragon that I have designed. Here is a couple pictures of him.

His name is "My Little Pony Dragon. I also made him in purple and green...that was my first experiment with designing him. I believe there is a picture of him already on my blog somewhere.

This coming weekend is not only the Hector event but I will be having house guest too. How exciting huh???!!! Mark Myers and Erin Halloway will be staying with me. We plan to tat during the day and burn the midnight oil doing bobbinlace in the evening. They will both be flying in on I have been busy getting things ready for my guest. I am so excited....Alot to be thankful isn't it.....

While I was waiting for FedEx to arrive this morning ( for I had been tracking the package) I was painting a lace bobbin...enjoying quiet Peyton today. And I really missed his smiles today....he is so cute...anyhow...the bobbin....I painted a Flower Fairy on my bobbin. Here are the pictures of the bobbin....

Again if you click on the pictures you will see a larger picture of the bobbin.

And one more picture before I sign off again for awhile...probably be back after the Hector event this coming weekend.....My grandson Timmy Guy who just turned nine and Peyton Lee my other grandson. Chrystal had a professional photographer take pictures of the boys. I have seen the pictures which were just now I am come I don't have my pictures from her yet....

Anyhow...I hope you all enjoy your week...and tat yourselves will be tatting with my new exquiste shuttles and enjoying my guests muchly...and having a blast at doesn't get any better than this truly doesn't......

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ming Dynasty is my last attempt to design a dragon. I think I am burned out in trying to make them. Besides....I have other things I want to work on. Of course this is another dragon that I am not going to be able to get another pattern out mind just doesn't work in simple where I can come up with a design that can be done over a weekend for instance. But at least here is a picture for you. I guess I am just not a designer. :((

My husband will be returning back to work tomorrow. That is good news though...nothing has been settled as far as the disagreements between the Union and the company. That still stands in limbo. The company will be in the labor federal courts on appeal on charges the company already lost on.
My daughter will be returning back to work on Tuesday so that means I will have my hands full watching my new grandson Peyton. So...I will be busy.
Today I might work on my hat that I started last year from a very old hat pattern that I have had for years. I have made changes to the pattern. I always seem to do that. Originally I started the hat for the Palmetto Hat competition...but since I am not going this year there really isn't a hurry to get it finished except to get it done. I have been making the hat out of dyed purple thread that I had. I was going to make 3D flowers to go around the band but have decided not to do that. It is going to be just a plain Jane nothing exciting hat.
I also have this doily I want to finish....but no hurry there either except I want to get it off my list of things I want to get finished.
Now my tablecloth....that is another matter....that needs to get done...hopefully in my lifetime.
Anyhow....I hope all is well in LacingLand.