Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hi all,
I haven't done too much lately but I did finish this doily this past week. It is from my Japanese book entitled "Tatted Fashion" by Teiko Fujito and page 11 in the book. It was made in size 30 thread white, and a specially dyed size 30 thread by Pam from if you would like to order some thread from her. I had ordered this thread last year for a class I was taking in Hector last year...but I got the thread the day of the event and by that time I had already left the house and was in Hector when it was placed in my after the Hector event I made a necklace, bracelet and earrings out of this same dye lot in size 10 with some pretty swarski crystals that my friend Erin sent to me. I wore that whole set up to the banquet dinner at the Palmetto's Tat Day or should I say weekend event. I think if you go to the Palmetto's site and click on Erin as one of the teachers I believe there is a picture of me and Erin together before we went inside to attend the banquet dinner. Here is that link....
If you put your cursor right over Erin's picture you will see other pictures of Erin...including me and her before the banquet...enjoy!!
I have also finished another doily recently but since that doily isn't published yet...I feel I can't share it with you all...all together now say....WAAAAAwwwwaaaaWaawaaaaa I want to see it....LOL.
Hope everybody is having a NICE and SAFE, Memorial Weekend.

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Mark, aka Tatman said...

SIMPLY STUNNING! Love those colors with the white thread. The white is placed in just the right spot to show it off with the colored background. You been a busy bee :)