Thursday, January 04, 2024

Jan 4th with the new year 2024

 I mentioned in my last post about the two bobbin lace snowmen being one went to my Lace Exchange  partner Marcela in Spain. This is a picture of the exchange I received from her. Isn’t her star beautiful? She included a pair of bobbins and the Christmas tree ornament.

    I also mention the other snowman I made from a free pattern on Facebook. Here I am with Nicola Parkman and the ornament I gave to her. She was so kind and friendly.

My lastest projects are two cross stitched Christmas stockings both designed by Jody from Satsuma Street designs. I got “Oh Deer” done that I made for Kiara my Granddaughter. As far as the second stocking went it I couldn’t finish it before Christmas so I made what I had finished into a bag so after Christmas I could take the bag apart and finishing stitching on it which is what I am now working on and then it will become a stocking. Here are pictures of Kiara with her finished stocking and Colton’s bag.

  Today I got a surprise in the mail from my friend Iris Niebach. iris has a new tatting book out. The book is beautifully done. The colors are bright and cheerful the way all of Iris’ books are. This book has flower sprigs and leaves with some floral arrangements. It is a wonderful book. Thank you Iris!! Here is a picture showing the beautiful cover which gives you the idea of the beautiful tatting between the pages.

This will be it for today’s post. I will post again soon …meanwhile stay safe.

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Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful gifts you gave and received!