Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I have been to all of the Palmetto Tat Days including the first I think it was 2002 or 2003. This event was in Columbia South Carolina. My husband had just bought a new truck ( which we still have btw and there is some rust disease) and we decided to drive out of the ice storm we were having to try the new truck out. We left at 4 A.M. and drove straight down. We checked into our room at 6 something and saw on the news about Rochester, New York ice storm. Yes, when we got home we had broken and snapped trees in our yard. We were also out of electric  but there wouldn't have been anything we could have done to change anything if we had stayed home. I am really glad I went and I remember having such a good time and meeting people that I had written to. Like Riet  for one, Wally Joy and so many others.
   We stayed in a hotel and went to the museum by trolley which was how we were transported back and forth. There was this picture of me taken. We didn't take the picture...someone I think emailed this picture to me. I can't find the file and was wondering who took the picture and emailed it to me. I am not fond of pictures that are taken of me since I am not a beauty queen but I do like this picture and would like to have the original picture file. I am hoping that someone looking at my blog will recognize your picture of me and let me know it was you. My how time flies huh??


Kathy Niklewicz said...

A nice photo! Hope you find the photographer! It's amazing that you have been to every Tat Days! I didn't know that Tat Days initially was held in early April

I also was surprised to learn of Rochester's ice storm in April 2003 because I only knew of the March 1991 storm, which was a big monster, and there was little warning! Relatives of ours lived in Rochester and we were amazed at what they went through, especially since they had a newborn (5 days old - born a few days earlier in warm weather!), plus her 3-year-old sister, with no power in the house. They somehow made it out of Rochester and drove to their parents' homes here in Pittsburgh! They moved back to Pittsburgh in 1998 (job related, not weather), but other relatives still live there and I don't recall their mentioning the 2003 storm, although it was also quite serious! Glad everything worked out for you!

linb54 said...

thank you for sharing these photos of the first Palmetto Tat Days. I wasn't there, but it was nice to visit for a short while.

Linda Barnes :)
Happy Tatting!