Saturday, March 17, 2012

I have to make another post...yeah...I know it is soon after the previous post...but Fergus Og and me got a surprise in the mail from Fergus's Mom. I love the Claddagh symbol and I have lots of jewelry that has that symbol. Anyhow...I just had a birthday on the 10 and it is St. Patrick's Day I am looking at this as a combine surprise gift...and it really was a surprise for both Fergus and I. I opened the package up...and Fergus as you can see in the picture had to get right down to everything to check it all out. There is the really cool St. Patrick's card that is hand made...and take a look at the tatted bookmark too in greens. Of coarse Pam doesn't know this I think...but I am also a stamp collector so thank you also for the cool Irish Stamps. I have to say...I was completely surprised. This really made my day. Don't you just love surprises??? Thank you so much Pam Myers of Ireland for the really nice gift.

One more thing here...when I got this gift I thought again of our friend Gina. Gina I know was so lucky to meet Pam in person. I do hope that maybe someday if Pam is ever in New York State...we can meet. Now wouldn't that be just the luck of the Irish if that happened...? I would have to wear green for the rest of my life...but I do know that my Mom always said...You wouldn't have wanted Great Grandpa see you wearing the green on St. Patrick's day. We are suppose to be wearing the orange don't you know....LOL. That is what my Mother always said to me. Take a guess what is for dinner tonight...I dare you to guess....

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Unknown said...

What a great present you got from Pam,
Just love your Fergus, wish I had one of these gorgeous people to sit beside my tatting