Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long...Long ago there was a much "younger Celtic" who use to watch football with her red haired brother. Back then I didn't even know who he was rooting for..I do now which he has been a Viking fan for many years. If you look in the picture of me and my "Movie Star" Kiara, I think you can tell who my football team is. Kiara and her mommy Ginger came last Saturday so I could see Kiara. What a treat for me! She really makes me smile alot. But in the picture you can see me wearing my team's color and clothing. I have been a Jets fan since Mr. Pantyhose himself use to be the quarterback...Mr. Joe Namath. Anyhow...dressed in my teams attire I was ready for the game that was to be aired Saturday evening. Well...much to my surprise the Jets won their first play off game against Ciccinati...but I don't expect them to beat the Chargers this coming weekend...but you never know ...a flook could happen and they could win. Regardless of my expectation of the game this weekend...I will be watching it and rooting for my team anyways. GGGOOOO JJJEEETTTSSSS!!


Tatman said...

Cute picture....OF BOTH OF YOU!

Valerie said...

Hi Sherry! I love what you did with the motifs you collected! Both the fan and the centrepiece are beautiful. Black makes your fan really exquisite. :)

Kiara is adorable, such a doll.