Friday, October 30, 2009

Well Halloween is just about here. I want to wish everybody a Happy and Safe Halloween. My card pic that I am showing is a light ceramic scene I did years ago. I have others here like this. I even figured out in Illustrator how to Put Happy Halloween in orange on it and save it so I could put the picture here as my card to you all that stop by my blog here

I have some pictures to show you. About two weeks ago I took the Grand boys to the Pumpkin Patch to select a pumpkin suitable or carving and to have some fun. First I will show you some different kinds of pumpkins. I didn't know there were so many kinds and these are just the iceberg. I think I like the Cinderella one the best.

In the next few pictures are the boys having fun. The boy with his thumb in his mouth with the Cinderella pumpkins is Peyton my youngest Grandson.

In the next few pictures Chrystal and I took the boys to Wegmans ( the Western New York State Grocery Store) to trick and treat in the store. Here is a couple of pictures of them doing that.

I carved Peyton's pumpkin and Timmy did his own and I don't have pictures of their finished pumpkins because the pictures are on Chrystal's camera. But I also carved Kiara's Pumpkin. Here is a couple pictures of her with her pumpkin. Isn't she cute?? I now find not only do I call her my "Movie Star" but I also have caught myself calling her " Girlie Girl". I think she thought it was something to eat right NOW!!

And here is the last picture I will share with you. Some of you might remember the Christmas Tatting Exchange on Gina' Tattinggodess list. Last year my exchange person was Vicki Clarke from Canada. I had gotten an advent package which means I had a package to open for 25 days until Christmas. Vicki was so clever and I really loved what she sent to me. Two of the things she sent to me was one a Halloween bracelet. Take a look at the black pumpkins and the Green scaredy cats on it. I wonder if Vicki made the bracelet or found it somewhere. I would love to get more buttons like what is part of the bracelet. The other cool thing she sent to me was this cool orange beaded tatted amulet bag with the bat hanging down. This is the perfect time of the year to be wearing both of these and I am much fun Halloween is. Both of Vicki's present are sitting on top of the box I got from Battatter (Carol Amich). I know she has already opened my exchange to her...but if you came here to see what she sent to will all have to wait until tomorrow...Halloween.....LOLLLLLlllllll

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erin said...

OH, what wonderful pictures!!! I can't believe how much the boys have grown. That Timmy's a regular young man now. Peyton and the Movie Star Girly Girl are adorable. Lucky you! Happy Halloween!