Sunday, June 07, 2009

First I am going to start you off with a tease. Take a look at these two are you seeing ....? More later on here...
I am now a real worried Mom. My son Ryan has bought himself a new motorcycle. This really scares me after what happened to my Dad on his motorcycle. Here is a picture of my youngest Ryan on his new bike. Here also is Peyton my Grandson on the bike with Ryan...

I know alot of you saw the message that Iris sent to the tatting lists about some of the economic troubles she is going through. I know she mentioned she was going to give up on the tatting. I hope she doesn't. For me tatting is therapy from my troubles. As long as I am trying to figure something out...I am not thinking about all the stresses of my life. The only stress I find when I am tatting is...I want to see what I am tatting on finally finished....LOL. Hence, I have been tatting Iris's TIAS doily. You can read more about her TIAS doily on her blog here
and you can see some of hers and other TIAS here
Here is a picture of mine that I have been working on. It isn't done yet...but I am working on it. I have been tatting it in Sherry Pence Hand Dyed thread called Marina. It is a very pretty colorway the other thread I am using is Handy Hands new Lizbeth thread lt. Turquoise 662. It is taking me some time to make it...but that is okay...I am loving it so far.
Next is a couple pictures of my front flowerbed. It now has some color but wait...everything hasn't popped open yet...but it is a begining. I love playing with my flowers and breathing in the fresh air.Oh and those pictures of the threads I showed you earlier...well...these are just a few of the new threads that are coming out from Handy Hands
and their new Lizbeth thread. There will be more but...I was the first to see these new colors and you are now the second to see these new colors. Also...size 40 in Lizbeth thread will be coming out soon too. Can y'all say YEAH!!!! new threads...I betcha you can...


erin said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh - I want some size 40, too! That doily is gorgeous, Sherry - I love the combination of those two colorways. I have some of that turquoise, as you know, and it makes a statement. I know it has to be stunning with Sherry's thread. I love Sherry's threads. They're pretty keen.

Just tell Ryan to wear that helmet, drive where he can be seen, and always use safety bars. At least that's what the old salt, Dagwood would say. He had three motorcycles in the thirties - at the same time - that was unheard of then.

Thanks for sharing all the pretties! That Peyton is a big boy now - they just don't stay babies long, do they?


Stephanie said...

Oooh, lucky you! Get to see the new thread first. I am so glad to read Lizbeth is going to be available in a smaller size. To me, size 20 is like working with cord.

The news about Iris is a shock, to say the least! I hope she doesn't give up tatting. Like you, tatting is my therapy.

I wish I could give some sage advice about Ryan and his new bike. We'll just assume the best -- that he'll drive safely and wear his helmet. The little one sure is cute!

Flowers! Love them. You can never have too many.

Unknown said...

All of those threads are gorgeous.

I hope your boys is safe on that bike!

I hope that Iris stays tatting, too! She has so many lovely designs! I agree with you that tatting is like therapy! It has definately helped me cope through some tough times!

gina Butler in OKC said...

Please tell me where the purple shuttle came from?