Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The continuing saga of...."Necklace for Laurie". Here is a picture of the necklace I am making for my girlfriend. You can see I have added another part to the necklace. Stay tune for this necklace isn't finished yet.

I see there is a new list forming for "Tatting Designers". I don't think I fit that catagory. I have only published one tatting pattern in IOLI magazine. I know I have graced a couple covers with my designs of same said magazine and I think I did a write up that was also published. But I do not have a book of tatting patterns. So I do not think I fit the catagory of designer. There is so much talent out there. IT is MIND BOGGLING!!


Tatman said...

Love the colors and the beads and the tatting go so well with the pendent. I like the added outside row. Gives it more weight. GOOD JOB!

Tattycat said...

The necklace is evolving nicely. What a lucky friend you have.