Saturday, March 01, 2008

Look at the beautiful finger weight yarn my daughter Michelle got for me. This yarn was from
The original coloring was called Octopus Garden...but I wanted a hint of pinkish purple...just a hint and Anne at Woolywonkers did a special order for me to put that in the colorway. This yarn is just beautiful in coloring and it feels so soft too. This is the yarn I am going to use for MysticLight Kal on the internet that starts later on in March. I guess each of these Mystics were suppose to represent an element. The first one was called MysticWaters. So I guess blues would have been in order for that shawl.
This one the next Kal is MysticLight and should represent the element of fire. Well...some how I missed that tibit of knowledge. I didn't know each of these Kals was going to represent an I got this yarn for I was thinking of Northern LIghts sorta speak. But I am happy with this yarn just the same for I hardly ever wear what I call warm colors which kinda goes along with the element fire.
I love my yarn choice that my daughter got for the colorway which I can see me wearing down the road...a long road.....and Anne did just a beautiful job in doing the dying for me to have it my way.


Peggy said...

Your yarn is beautiful. I am so looking forward to seeing it knitted up.

erin said...

WOW! That's some colorway!

I'm still playing "Catch up with Sherrrrrrryyyyy Baybeeeeeeeeee...."

Twenty something rows and my back will be finis!