Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let me ask you all a question. IS THERE A TATTER WHO IS NOT LIKE ME WITH ONLY FINISHED TATTING IN THEIR TATTING BAGS? If there is a tatter who is not like me with NO unfinished tattings in their tatting bags....well...all I can say is you are a marvel, truly.

Here is a picture of an unfinished tatting that has been in my tatting bag since the Palmetto Tatting Event in the year of 2005. I finally finished it. This was a piece of tatting that Mark Myers , Tatman was playing around with. I took some pictures with my digital camera and I believe I might have started it even before I left South Carolina...This piece is made with tatting size thread so this doily is delicate and small...measuring about 6 inches in diameter. I have encouraged Mr. Tatman to come up with more brain storming to continue on with this doily which I called myself, Palmetto Doily2005. The main techniques in this design are daisy picot technique, and some spiral tatting. Anyhow....I think it is pretty ...Celtic is hoping Mr. Tatman can come up with more ways to add onto this doily....she has more of the thread left over.


Jane Eborall said...

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

You 've made here a so beautyfull work - it's pretty as a colores glass in a church... Sorry for my english, so bad (I'm coming from the site of "Elsa du sud")... So long !!

Gina said...

Sherry, I love it just as it is!
:-) Gina