Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh and one more thing I have to share with you all. Yesterday I went to visit my girlfriend that I have know for almost 30 years. I haven't seen her in seems like when I was going through a difficult time in my life I dropped my friend and almost became a hermit...I thought it safer for me to do that....
But seeing her yesterday was so great...I got an email from her today and she stated that our friendship picked up like it was just yesterday. We had so much in common and use to do alot of things together. We even thought of writing our own book funny is that...over coffee. I think we actually wrote a few pages...
But she found my blog one day searching the internet...and unbeknowst to me...she has been reading it right along. One day I called her about a month ago...and that is when I found out she had been reading my blog. Some of the things we were talking about to get caught up she already knew about...and I did you know that...and she told me about finding the blog. LOL
But we agreed to get together yesterday on Saturday and she told me to bring my stuff. I kept telling her during my visit that I felt I could teach her to tat and bobbinlace and that I could bring her over to the dark side...LOL
In the email I got from her today she stated...she thought bobbinlace was beyond her....but she might let me teach her how to tat. She stated she loved my who knows....she said she might let me bring her over to the "Dark Side" LOL!!
In a couple of weeks we are going to Henrrietta where there are some craft stores together like AC Moore which I didn't know there was one in Henrrietta. Henrrietta is a subberb of Rochester, New York....and I so hate driving up there....but it will be fun to go with my friend Laurie. She also stated...Steve her husband is a good sport...but it would be more fun to go with someone who also loves craft stuff....I may be in trouble...Did I say "Craft Stores" OH NO!!!

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