Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi All!!!!!!
So Erin...do you like my type color...?
I thought I would share just a few things with you all.
One is I got a Coconut Shell ( not the actual tree but the coconut shell ) shuttle that I received from Peter Cua in the Phillippines. The shuttle is very smooth to the touch and tats like a dream. Here is the front and back of the shuttle. It really is a nice shuttle. I expect that we will see alot of cool shuttles coming from him down the road. He has been sharing with me his ideas and the process of doing different style shuttles. Wait till you all see what he will next have up his sleeve.
Next I would like to show you just a couple small things I have tatted lately. Nothing too exciting...but here you go.
The first one is a butterfly that I tatted from a pattern of Debbie Arnold. You can get this pattern from her by going to her website here..

The shuttles you see in this picture is purple/and blue with gold and reinstones were decorated by me last year I think it was. The beautiful pink shuttle was designed by Erin Halloway. I love the pink one alot!! It is very pretty...and sometimes I just stare off into space looking at it instead of tatting.
The blue shuttle below is a plastic one or bakelite...I don't know which that my daughter Chrystal found at an antique store for me. I love the marble silver/gray/blue look of it. I was thrilled when she gave it to me. It is really hard to find tatting shuttles anywhere...she was lucky
which means so was I.

In this picture you see again the Coconut Shell shuttle I got from Peter Cua from the Phillippines. It really is a nice shuttle t work with. The shuttle on the left and the purple one under my snowflake were both decorated by Erin Halloway. Again...I sit and stare at them sometimes...the pink one on the right is one I decorated.
The snowflake is a pattern of Roger aka Freedman.
You can go here for the pattern

It was a pretty easy pattern to do. I added a bit of metallic thread with my Victorian Splendor Valdani thread that I have.
Anyhow...this is all I have to say for the time being....I have been enjoying swimming when I can and loving the nice very warm weather we have been having.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

How did you get Peter to send you shuttles? I've been in touch with him a couple of times with no luck.

Joy, Trenton, MI, USA

erin said...

Sherry's on the inside track! I LOVE THE PINK!!!

I love the shuttles and I love the tatting, and oh, how I've been missing you!

Keirelle said...

How do I get my hands on one of those coconut shuttles?? I would LOVE one.. and I am a needle tatter just learning to shuttle tat, lol.