Friday, February 03, 2006

A knotting Picture....earlier today my husband went antiquing. He asked me if I wanted to come but...I was busy doing other things around he went by himself...I did tell him to keep an eye out for lacing stuff. I also said tatting my husband there is tatting and there is what he knows to be lace...meaning bobbin lace. He doesn't realize that tatting is lace also. Anyhow...we were watching tv and I was working on this dumb dragon I have been working on...and out of the blue he said he did get a picture frame for me. HA!! So I said...why didn't you bring it in the house. So out to the truck he went to retrieve it. I finished this ring I was tatting and then took the frame out of the bag. Frame!!! HA again...inside of the frame is a print from some magazine of a painting. I have no idea what the history of this picture is....but my husband thought I would like it because she was tatting in the picture. So...I had to give him a bit of lacing history. I informed him that the lady wasn't tatting but knotting instead. I pointed out the open points on the shuttle she is holding and then I pointed out to what appears to be the strap of lace probably used for a draw string for a little bag she has hanging on her arm. I mentioned that knotting was done before tatting and the string of knots were kept in a bag and later couched down and became a part of embroidery. Anyhow here is the picture. Also sometime I will share with you a cover of a magazine that I own ( again found in an antique store of a bobbinlacer that I will frame sometime) . Don't forget to click on the picture to get a bigger picture on your screen. So now, I will have to find a place for it. My husband keeps going on about the frame...but to me it is the picture that is important....WHAT IS HE THINKING??!!!!

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Mark, aka Tatman said...

COOL!!! find your DH did! Don't suppose you could email me a better scan of this? :-D It is always a joy to find anything lace related at the antique shops and fleamarkets. It is the hunt that is just as important as the find LOL!