Friday, December 09, 2005

As you can see here I am trying really had to get myself into the X-mas spirit. My husband is still on strike. That makes things hard for I haven't any idea...what the future holds for us.
I have been busy making ornaments and painting mostly as you can see here.
I will be painting again today. Hopefully I will have done by next week all that I need to do.
We have snow on the ground... and I have a feeling it is staying for the temperatures don't look like they are on the incline.
Sometime soon I need to stop with the painting and ornament making and get my house ready for the holidays. It will be nice when I get that done....but just the thought of moving the furniture around, dragging all the X-mas stuff out...deck the tables...hang garland...and so on....I would rather be Bewitch and just twitch my nose and have it all done....or have Celtic get some of her magic tatting dust out...and tat the house into X-mas readiness.


Mark, aka Tatman said...

WOW! the details in those bobbin designs! I really like the funky shaped pink ones. They all look so Christmasy. You need to use it on your pillow and create some Christmasy lace. But then I think you mentioned you are all laced out for now ;)

Gina said...

Both these and the later ones are superb! That little tree on the spangle is fantastic! Great way to channel your frustration with the strike situation.

It all passes...keep up the lovely work!