Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How about more pictures...can you stand that???!!!!

In the saecond picture is all my homework from the classes I took. The earrings and necklace part are from Nina Libin's class. Very elegant! The two hearts are from a class that I took from Martha. Once you get your mind set this is an easy pattern to make. And then there is Jane Eborall's angel that Riet taught. So yup I did finish all my class projects and then some....Hey I was on a roll here.

In the second picture is some of the treasure I bought home...tatting and bobbinlace made by someone else's hands.The two heart bookmarks were on the table at the banquet. Everybody got one or two I believe. There is a name for the heart pattern but I can't remember it right now. I believe the pattern is on the Palmetto's Website.

The teapot is from an exchange I did with Martha Ess. And look she even made it in purple. I am so l.oving her teapots though truth to be told...I hate tea...but love teapots...LOL Here is a picture of what I made for her

The bobbinlace bookmark was made by my friend Erin ..and the beaded bracelet is also made by just needs a clasp. I also have one of Martha "Beep Beep" birdies. This is one very cool looking bird.

When I went shopping with Erin we went on a bead hunt. So I have more beads. Since I was charged for my one suitcase that I took with me ....Erin sent some of my stuff home by mail. So after I got home I had more tattingGinny Weather's Daughter Misty is expecting a baby which will be Ginny's first grandchild. Karey asked some of us in the guild to make a quilt square to become a baby quilt for the baby. Here is a picture of my quilt block and a picture that Karey sent around of the finished baby quilt. It was a nice idea that Karey came up with.

In my quilt block I have the letter "B" from the new alphabet and number tatting book sold by Handy Hands and the letter "B" stands for blue bear and balloons. The bear and balloon patterns were from Pam Palmer "Tatting Treats" book.

Now for some other pictures from Palmetto's Tat Day Event. Enjoy the pictures.

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