Sunday, November 27, 2005

And then there was a Santa Mickey Mouse Bobbin.......So what is everybody else up to??

Can you all tell I am thinking of X-mas....LOL

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Here is a bobbin that I painted yesterday. It is A Charlie Brown Christmas bobbin. I am telling you...Charlie Brown looks easy to paint...but it is hard to get his expression just right for someone who has just a circle for a face and a couple dots and a few squiggly lines. I did copy this from a picture that I had taken out of a catalog along time ago. He took me along time to paint with Snoopy included on the dog house. I love to paint sometimes...and I really get lost and hate to be interrupted when I am painting for I am concentrating so hard on what I am doing that I hate the train (thought) to leave the station before I am ready for it to....but there comes a time when I feel I can't do anything else to it to make the painting better, I am just not that much of an I finally say...the painting is done and I am done with it....
Hope everybody had a safe and fun time on Thanksgiving day.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I truly hope you all had fun stuffing yourself on the Thanksgiving Dinner. I know I am ....the turkey was just wonderful...Mash Potatoes...who doesn't just love them...with the fattening gravy...Yum...and then there was the Patasieo salad and pies....I am so stuffed right now. Early before going to the dinner I was playing here on my computer trying to figure out how to combine four pictures and make it one picture. I think I finally figured it out...thank goodness for my Adobe Illustrator Program...usually I am swearing at it ladylike...LOL and leave it in fustration...but I think I finally taught myself a new skill in the program. If it worked you will see a picture of my bobbin that I painted yesterday. I wanted a snowman in the forest with the wildlife around him. So be looking for the deer peeking out from behind the tree...the squirrel, the cardinal, the bunny on the bobbin. So what do you all think of the bobbin. Tomorrow depending on how things go around here I am going to paint myself my very own Charlie Brown and Snoopy bobbin. I know the characters are copywrited but I paint these bobbin just for myself and I do not give them away or sell I think that is okay. On my website on my bobbinlace page you will see where I have other cartoon bobbins I have painted in the past. I have more continental bobbins and someday may add to my numbers of cartoon bobbins. If any of you can think of a cartoon character that you don't see on my website please let me the years go by you have a tendency to forget things...but remember when someone mentions the forgotten memory to you. I hope you enjoy looking at the picture. It did take me awhile to figure out... one. how to combine my pictures after resizing them and cropping them and then two, getting the combine picture in jpg format so I could upload it to here...
Me, who is crossing her fingers that what I have done works....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hi Everybody in Lacingland,
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Someone....hmmmm.....I wonder who wanted to see what was under my El-Cheapo foam pillow. This is the second pillow I purchased. The first pillow I got or should I say kit was the famous "Horror Of Horror" kits. I had purchased that about 15 years ago. I made one edge piece on it and that was it. I was in Nursing School at the time and really didn't have time to monkey around with the lace. I just wanted to try it out...but between working which I was working full time and going to school full time and taking care of my family...remember they were young that many years ago...I didn't have time for lacing. I also made a pillow from a pattern that was in one of my old Anna magazines. I didn't do much with that either. I still have the pillow...and I have to say....I don't know which pillow is actually more of a Horror...the one from the kit or the one I made. Now the pillow that I made is on my closet shelf gathering dust. Maybe sometime I will get it down...dust it off and see what I can do with it. It is a roller pillow. Maybe I can save it. I also have an old french pillow that I got at an antique store...again...many years ago....Never did anything with that...and I don't know...I may get rid of it.
I really didn't get into bobbinlace seriously until about 6 years ago. That is when I first purchased my El-Cheapo pillow. I have to say that I use that pillow the most. So things get made on it and then taken off.
I also have an expensive big and I mean big cookie pillow that is filled with straw grass. At the moment that pillow sits on the desk chair in the livingroom also gathering dust. On that pillow I have a huge Bedfordshire edge. I am thinking that once I am finished playing X-mas ornaments to get myself back to my Bedfordshire edging...and finish it. The Bedfordshire edge can be seen on my website. The url being is the picture of my El-Cheapo Pillow and how I covered it. But I have to say that most of the can't see that part of the pillow for I even keep that covered by another cover. Bet it is no surprise that I covered it with purple velvet and purple floral brocade material. LOL

Also here is another ornment that I made. I think I am only going to do one more...maybe two...and then I don't ever want to see that pricking again....LOL

Please everybody...stay safe over the holiday.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Another ornament....oh my.....this one I did in white and look like a snowflake ornament. So what do you think of it.

How about one in white and blue like this one....what do you guys think?

Yesterday I went to Chrystal's baby shower. She is looking pretty big already. She has two months to go yet. Next week they are doing another ultrasound to check on the baby's size. Timmy Guy weighed 8 lbs. when he was born and was really too big for Chrystal to deliver naturally. Timmy Guy's lung callapsed from the stress of going down the birth canal. He is healthy now...but it was scary there for a bit. He was taken to a large hospital ( Strong Memorial Hospital) soon after he was born. Being that babies tend to be big on the Dad's side and the problems with Timmy Guy's birth and being Chrystal is so big already...they are keeping track of the baby's size this time better I think than when Chrystal was pregnant with Timmy Guy. Here is a picture of the Mommy to be that I got yesterday....doesn't she look like a happy Mommy to be...?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here is another ornament that I played with tatting and bobbinlace with. I don't know which one I like better. There will be more ornaments though....I drew up the pricking for the bobbinlace and it is just a matter of filling the center with tatting. Fun....different color threads, different kinds of threads...and oh HECK YES!!!!! beads....LOL
Enjoy and be looking for more ornaments.....they are just a brewing in my dusty brain cells...LOL

Monday, November 07, 2005

I performed a marriage over the weekend. I made this Christmas ornament that you see here making it in tatting along with bobbinlace. It was an experiment and I was just playing around.

The strike is still going on. Nothing else I want to mention about that.
I went to visit my brother and Jill yesterday. They are moving back to Florida later on this month. But while I was there I watched some football with my brother and watched my team lose again. I will just say their colors are green/black and white....and they should be flying the friendly skies.....LOL They were really behind but if they could have just gotten that one touch down right at the end there...they would have won. I must say I was on the edge of my seat...with my hands over my eyes each time the ball was snapped and still they could get inside for a touch close they were to winning. Bet you guys didn't know I like to watch football. Something I don't get to see very much anymore.