Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is a little tease for you. I made these Pinwheel Snowflakes design by Vida Sunderman from her Snowflake book. The thread is size 20 and it is a tease of what the new line of thread will be looking like from Handy Hands. I think I am going to attach all my pinwheels together and make one huge giant Christmas Pinwheel center piece. Won't that be colorful...there is more to come so stay tune for more on this thread.

A couple weeks ago my husband Gary and I were going to go over by Albany to Herkimer Diamond Mine and do some gem stone digging but the weather was threatening even more T Storms so we decided to go Antique around where we live.

What did I find...well I found this Tatted Bag. I am a real sucker for tatted bags. I think they are my favorite thing that is tatted...any bag will do...LOL Just send them my way..Ha!

Here is a picture of Martha Celtic Heart 2nd attempt....

Here is a picture of my two Grandsons (Peyton and Timmy) playing DNS games. They each have their own otherwise they fight over them all the time. Timmy being 11 and Peyton being 2 1/2 years old.
And here is a picture of Timmy when he got his metals during the Special Olympics that he was part of. Timmy has Attention Deficit problem which he takes medication for. But look at his sweet smile he has in this picture. He looks so very happy. And where was Grandma when this event was going on...well....she was taking care of Peyton.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

OH MY GOSH.....I got a real surprise yesterday. Here is a picture of the surprise.....

Yup....I am expecting again.................

Grandchild number 3. You could have knocked me over with a feather I was so surprised...but my oldest child Shawn and his significant are expecting they think in Feburary though they don't have the due date yet....This will be Shawn's first child. I am so happy. I thought I wouldn't see any grandchildren coming from him....but Yup....a picture tells a thousand words....and this picture is how he broke the news to me...He handed me this picture....and of coarse I knew what it meant...but I thought he was playing a prank on me...but is for now I am going to have to start thinking of things to make for my future Grandchild. I am really excited...there have to be baby blankets, a tatted outfit...and oh my gosh the list goes on....and on...And I can't wait to see the baby when the baby is born....I will be counting the days down just like I am sure they will be. Both of them seem to be really happy about the event coming.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have one very brave soul who sent me pictures of the hearts she made for her daughter when she got married. This is what Gina Deriso said...

Hello Sherry!

I'd like to include a photo of my heart, please. I made it for my daughter when she got married. I made each heart separate, to represent each of them being entirely whole on their own, and the the celtic heart at the bottom, to show how your lived intertwine, yet you still retain your self, but the only way to separate is to be cut apart. I added a poem and framed it all, though I don't know where the photos of that ended up.

Anyway, I am a needle tatter, and had hoops to jump through to work the pattern on the needle, but with persistence, I did do it. This heart is so lovely, when finished. I am just amazed at the talent of designers.

Anyhow I love the hearts and from the picture with the hearts combined into looks perfect to me. I also like her color choice. She did a great job!!! I hope there will be others to give this heart pattern of Martha Ess a try.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Challenge....
I think if you can make this heart correctly then you must be an expert tatter. I am showing you two scans...the front of the hearts and the back of the Hearts. This pattern is Martha Ess. This is Martha's Blog URL:
and her Website is:

Martha's Heart is on the right of the pictures....the one in purples. She gave this heart to me years ago. I just love it. I have been making alot of hearts lately....and I had to give this one a whirl....well.....let me tell took me a week to make this heart....and guess what...look at mine and then look at Martha's and not all the mistakes I have in my heart. So.....I am going to make this heart again...and I challenge you tatters out there to try and make this heart. It is a real challenge...and I thank Martha for sharing this pattern with the rest of us tatters. I wonder how many of you are brave enough to try and make this heart. The heart is a beauty and worthy of any tatter that thinks they have the know how to make this heart. If you do...I will gladly share you heart with the tatting masses on my blog...I wonder how many variations we could get.
This heart pattern is made in one cutting or tying until the end. The heart pattern can be found here.
So get your shuttles out!!! It takes four shuttles at the same time to make this heart. Does that give you a clue how hard this pattern is???
Believe me ....this is a pattern of a pattern of a pattern....very difficult to me...but I am going to try again...Who is with me????!!!!! Can you do it?? Well....can you??
Here are the two pictures.