Thursday, September 26, 2013

I have been painting Witchy bobbins that I will be selling. I have one now listed on ebay. The design goes all the way around the bobbin. It is a witch flying on her broom with her kitty cat Whiskers. Above is a happy moon with Batty Bats flying around. Since they are all painted by hand each one has their very own personality sorta speak. I am painting them in Squares and Midlands. I might also take some of these Witchys with me when I go to Ithaca in a couple weeks. is a picture of the painted bobbins in progress...tedious to paint to be sure...but kinda fun too...keeps me out of trouble too.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

On my website on my home page there is  Bookmark A and Bookmark B. Today I got a request from Riet about the missing pictures for those two bookmarks patterns. First of all..I do not maintain my website. My sister-inlaw use to but she now lives in Florida  with I have not seen in a three years now nor my brother.  So anyhow I use to update my website with her help.  I do not know how.  So what I have done is spent alot of time going through my old CDs for the pictures and the info. I am putting the pictures here since I know how to blog. I would  also put the microsoft document I did back when...but the blog  won't let me. So you could email me for it if you want to. Anyhow, this way when someone asks me again about the missing pictures ( others have in the past) I will direct them to my blog. 
   In the meanwhile I will talk to my sister -inlaw and see if she is willing to fix the problem on my website. I know my website is stale...I have loads of stuff I could upload to it...sometime down the road I will when I can get with my sister-inlaw and if she has the time. So here are the pictures that go with the patterns on my website for Bookmark A and Bookmark B. I hope this helps. :)