Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Welllll.....IT IS A BOY!!!!!! My daughter called me this afternoon after she had her ultrasound. But....She teased me just awful...And wouldn't tell me what the baby was...Stated " I am not going to tell you till Dad gets home". So Chrystal came over tonight...And Timmy Guy blurted out...."I am going to have a baby brother." Now if I was thinking with a full deck...I should have just called Timmy Guy on the phone and I wouldn't have had to wait to find out what my second grandchild was going to be.
Chrystal also mention a funny point that happened while getting the ultrasound. Gary her fiance' was there with her as well as Timmy Guy. The technician said." That is not the umblical cord"...LOL and what did Gary say...."That is my boy". So everybody is happy. Somewhere between now and Jan 15th, I need to get something either knitted or tatted or crocheted or something for my new grandchild. So that is a bit of happy news.
This evening it is just a pouring outside. Katrina has reached New York and there is flood warnings up here for tonight and tomorrow. I went to visit my sister in-law this evening and it was hard to see the road with all the rain that was coming down. Of course it doesn't help me when I have a bit of night blindness going on too.
Lately...I haven't had much time to tat anything or do bobbinlace. Have too much else to do right now. But I have old pictures .....so maybe tomorrow I will drag something out of my CD archives to share with you all.
I continue to pray for those that have been the most effected by Katrina.
I haven't been feeling very well for the past couple of days, which means I haven't been eating too much. Here in New York we had a massive intestinal infection going around with over a couple thousand people being effected from a waterspray park in Geneva which is about 17 miles from me. My grandson Timmy Guy was one of them. He went to the waterpark on the last day of summer school and contracted the infection. He had it for over a week. He is eight years old. I know Timmy Guy tried very hard to make it to the bathroom when the slightest urge came over him...but it was like water and he couldn't seem to make it to the bathroom in time. I should note here, that I watch Timmy Guy everyday that his mother works. Anyhow....there were underwear...and there were underwear that I kept hand washing and then I would take them outside and hang them on the clothesline. I will also tell you since I am a nurse ...I know all about handwashing...which I did and I did...but I think I got his bug. Since...I don't like doing the bathroom scene myself, I haven't been eating. Besides that...I keep getting these crampy pinching twinges....so I don't even feel like eating. So I have been sick.
My husband continues to be on strike....I wish that would end. Today, though I didn't feel well, I spent a bunch of time filling out forms to send to our bank that holds our mortgage. They want to know everything and anything...I am surprised they didn't ask me what my favorite color was...it would have been easier to answer than some of the questions they asked. I also spent time composing a letter to send with the forms along with the message that was given to all the employees from the Union. So now we wait to hear back from them. Nothing is ever easy, is it??
Since I knew approximately what time the hurricane Katrina was expected to make landfall I was up early this morning in from of my TV watching CNN. I spent most of the day laying on the couch watching it. This evening I also spent some time on http://CNN.com and read Miles O'Brien's blog which I found interesting to read and personal. He also has a sense of wit.
After my husband went to bed this evening I was back in front of the TV watching CNN again. I am seeing pictures of huge, massive amounts of flooding from the storm. I am also listening to the dire casualities they feel there is from all of this. People trapped in the attics of their houses from the flooding with no where else to go. People yelling from inside their attics....people they couldn't get to because it was then dark out and too dangerous for the boats to be in the flooded water to maneuver safely over down power lines ( some still being hot), leaking natural gas lines...and to dark to see. Those people will have to left in their houses , in their attics, or on the roof tops till tomorrow. The fear is there will be many people who have died or will die from this hurricane. It just breaks my heart...I wish there was some way I could help. I keep thinking...if I was single and responsible for only me in this world...there is alot that I would do to help others in need. I felt the same way on September 11th. If only I was single, how much more I could do to help people. Maybe I am crazy for feeling this way.
Anyhow...tonight before I go to bed I will be praying for those that are in need that were effected by the hurricane....though it is a pretty name I think..."Katrina"...I also think she was a monster and it reminds me that there are people that are worse off than me this evening, or even days to come. I pray for them.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My husband is still on strike from his job. What a nightmare this all is for me.
So to help out around here and try to generate a bit of income here I have painted some tatting shuttles and put them on ebay. I am hoping someone likes my painting. Here is a picture of the shuttles that I painted that are on ebay.

The urls. for the ebay shuttles are:
Don't know why that one is so very long....
the next:
the next:
the next:
I have also put a bunch of tatting shuttles on ebay. That url is:
hmmm...another long one.
I haven't been doing much tatting lately ...except in proofing some edging patterns. I did do a bit of Buck's Point lace making at my guild meeting on Sunday on Ms. Floozy pillow.
I might this weekend work on tatting up a motif pattern that I am suppose to be proofing.
So this is what I have been up to...alot of worring...and painting....that painting is tedious work....racks havic on my neck and my back sitting in one position for so long. I hope something becomes of my work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hello everybody,
I have been kinda quiet lately, I know.
Things are not going too well here with my husband being on strike. I was informed the other evening that we will have just $200.00 dollars to live on until my husband can start getting unemployment...and that there is a waiting period for that of seven weeks before we will get the first check. Things are just going to get terrible around here. I have had to call the mortgage company to see what we can do about our house payments. They will be sending us some information for that. Last week my husband no longer has life insurance and as of the 20th we will no longer have medical insurance. I just hope nobody gets sick or has an accident around here. We have gotten our medication called in that we could get so we will have those for a bit. And then there are all the other bills that will be coming in here....do we need food??.....not to say my usual routine is messed up also. At least it isn't wintertime, so no fuel bills to worry about.
This coming weekend we had plans to go to this huge antique festival here in New York. That of course is no more in our plans. Also...in October I ususally go to my lace guild weekend event. That has also been off our plans. I don't even think I will be attending the public day and the banquet this year.
I had been waiting to renew my IOLI membership and my Lace in the UK membership. Now they just won't be renewed. I guess things like food is more important. I have to say I am sure going to miss my lace magazines. When I get them in the mail they are like X-mas. I do not subscribe to any other publications. I just loved my lace magazines. I am trying very hard not too get too depressed...but it is going to get harder and harder as time goes.
Anyhow...on Monday there was a care package for me from my friend Ms. Erin Holloway. She decorated some shuttles for me and sent them to me.

Erin is such a fun person!!
Anyway...also in the box was this M&M container that she decorated for me. It is a real beauty. I just love it. In my earlier post you can see the M&M container that I made for her. She also included some other goodies in the package. This was very uplifting to me. I thank you very much Erin for your thoughtfulness.
Also this weekend I have been proofing an edging pattern that found its way into my email box. That has now been proofed. I can't tell you anything more about it except ....you tatters are going to love it....I can see other things being made using this edging pattern. Like for instance....Do you guys remember the wild sweater Mrs. Weasley wore in the second Harry Potter Movie....I can see a tatted top made with this edging that would look something like that same sweater but instead of it being knitted it would be tatted....I have been thinking along these lines as I continued to work on the edging. It would look so cool...if I have some more Manuela thread size 20 I just might give it a real go too. It would be so cool looking....
One of the things I love to do is to paint...either bobbins or decorate shuttles. I really do like the Susan Bates white Aerowannabe shuttles. I find I like then right after my English made aero shuttles that I have. If any of you want to send me any of these white shuttles my way...I would be thrilled to have them. They would give me something else to do around here besides thinking how bad things are going to get around here. If you can get me any of these shuttles from your local Hobby Lobby or other craft store ( they don't sell the white aerowannabe shutttles near me anywhere) and would like to donate them to me please send me an email celticdreamweave@yahoo.com
I don't have any money to pay you for them...but they would help my frame of mind. And that is keeping me busy through this nightmare of a time.
Lastly...here are some pictures of the M&M container that Erin did for me. I must say you can not see the way this containter sparkles....like there will be no tomorrows. Camera's will never get as good as what the eyes can see for themselves. The container is so very pretty!! All paisley looking and colorful. To see the shuttles she did for me you can check out her very own blog. The url for that is:http://thebuhlawg.blogspot.com/ enjoy!!! Take a look at her cool hat. It is a scream!!! If I had a hat like that I would be wearing it too...what fun!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Things are NOT going to be fun around here for sometime.
My husband came home finally after 7:00 pm this evening. The news was not good. His company is now on strike. This is an Unfair Labor Strike....which means the employees are protected by the Federal government. My husband's company was already found guilty of unfair labor practices...so....
This means...really tightening everything. My husband told me that this could go on for at least 8 weeks.
Anyhow...I am very upset by the news.
Anyhow...I guess this is all I will write for today....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hi and good evening....
Just a few things I wanted to share with you.
Do you really like my characters shown here on my blog?? Do you love my logo? Pretty isn't it...and so me. I just bet cha if you got a hold of Mark and nogotiate with him as far as payment goes...I bet he could do some artwork for you too that is special to you. I have a few of Mark's artworks....and I have them loaded on my webshots program on my computer ....and when Micheangelique ( my computer) is kinda sleeping because I am busy and ignoring her...Mark's artwork and my family pictures I have rotate on my computer for wall paper. I know the artwork...makes for interesting veiwing. To be honest sometimes I don't know what to do on my computer and just sit and stare at the screen. It is a good thing there is something there besides....a blue plain ordinary screen. Anyhow...if you are interested in obtaining some artwork that is generated on a computer ...give Mark an email...I bet he would love to create something for you. I know he can be had...LOL. His email address is incase you are interested...
The other thing that will be going on for me tomorrow...which it is almost tomorrow now..it is really late here...my husband will not be actually going to work but to the Union Hall with a meeting with the company tomorrow that my husband works for. I have heard alot of talk from my husband about the union and the company stuff. I don't really understand it all since the only time I worked somewhere where there was a union at all was the VA Hospital that I use to work at many years ago when I was an LPN. But I don't remember any contact stuff from then going on. Anyhow....for over a year now my husband and fellow employees have been working without a contract. The company's goal is to get rid of the union and at the moment they are not recognizing the union my husband and other belong in. The company has already lost charges for unfair contract talks with the Labor Board here in New York. I know the company had planned to appeal the verdit. So alot will be riding on what happens tomorrow and my husband's future. I hope something comes out of the meeting and the company my husband works for are coming to the meeting with the real intention of getting a contract to the people and the union that everybody can be happy with. I know...this isn't tatting or lacing....but that is what will be on my mind tomorrow. For my husband could be on strike starting tomorrow and that will not be good news at all. So I am hoping for a good outcome.
The other thing that I will be thinking about...for I have to think positive here...is in October my laceguild ( The Fingerlakes Lace Guild) will be having our annual lacing weekend. I have had the registration forms for abit now. I have them filled out but have been waiting before sending them in. Money is really tight this year...and to be honest...if it was for the fact that I am the president of the lace guild....I would forgo going this year. I know I need to get it in the mail in the next couple of days to ensure hopefully getting into the lace class I am interested in taking. But I feel I can't send it in right now with everything up in the air sorta speak. But anyways here is the run down of the list of available class for Columbus weekend Lacing event.

Dentelle Polychrome de Courseulles, Claudette Bouvot
Thomas Lester Bedfordshire, Holly Van Sciver
Binche Lace, Anny Noben-Slegers
Carrickmacross, Mary Shields
Withof, Begining adn Continuous, Susie Johnson
Guipure and Modern Lace, Jos'ee Poupart
Milanese Lace Jewerly, Radmila Zuman

Usually if I go...which I have for the past 6 or 7 years now...I go for the whole weekend and Monday. This year if I go I don't think I am going to include the Monday class...this way I will only be spending the night at the hotel one night instead of two. The Monday class is usually a continuation of the weekend class you were talking. I have been thinking of the Milanese Lace Jewerly with Radmila...whom I have met numerous times. I have never taken a class from her...but Milanese Lace Jewerly intriques me somehow. But there are alot of ifs right now...but if everything goes alright that is the class I am planning on taking.
I also love Carrickmacross Lace and have taken a class with Mary Shields before. As a matter of fact....she had seen some of the bobbins I painted when I was in her class. I had brought my pillow with bobbinlace on it in progress. She really liked the bobbins. She told me she would design a Carrickmacross pattern just for me if I painted some bobbins for her. Well...I did that. Mary is from Ireland and lives there. The year I took the needle lace class with her on Carrickmacross was right after the 9/11 happened. That was September as you all know and she was on a planed across the big pond to here the following month. I remember the other teachers we had that year were very nervous about flying which is most understandable. Anyhow...Mary designed this Carrickmacross fan that has the letter "S" in the middle of it with shamrocks going around. She also included fan sticks of mother of pearl , the net, the organdie and the butter paper to make the fan which is then suppose to be turned into a fan pin. I have yet to make this fan...and have been thinking I better do it before I see Mary...for I am sure she will be asking me how I did on the fan...and I would love to be able to show her the finished fan. I wouldn't mind taking another one of her classes. She is really very nice.

Mary also knows my friend Ann Keller of Ireland too. Her website url for Ann is: http://annmargaretkeller.com/ She paints shuttles and bobbins. She has also done books on Bobbinlace. I have just about all of her books. I also have done all the lace samples shown in her "Celtic Bobbinlace for Beginners" I was also apart of a group of lacers that were commissioned to make Bobbinlace for stage dancing costumes that I sent the finished lace that I made here to Ireland. I did this for a few years. Here are a couple pictures that shows you the shuttles that Ann has painted for me.

I also have some bobbins for bobbinlace that she has painted for me...but at the moment...they are on all my different pillows and part of a lacing project of some sort. Anyhow of those I have swans, a castle/Merlin pair, I have Irish dancers, I have all kinds she has done for me including a special bobbin she did just for me at my request. This was shortly after I returned home from Ireland. One of the things I remember well seeing in Dublin was the Georgian Doorways...and the Shamrock Streetlight poles. Those poles were so neat....and beautiful ...so I had asked Ann if she could paint me that Georgian Doorway and the Streetlight scene on a bobbin....this she did for me and sent it to me as a Christmas gift. It was one of her bobbins where you turn the bottom of the bobbin and a scene appears inside. I think they are called secret bobbins or something like that. Anyhow....once you turned the bottom of the bobbin my door of my Georgian Doorway opened and inside was a painted Christmas tree. Sometime I will take the bobbin off my pillow and get a picture of it to show you...opened and closed. It really is cool. The street light pole is also painted on the bobbin. She really liked my idea and thought about maybe using it on some other bobbins. I don't know if she did that or not...she asked me if I minded taking my idea and doing it on bobbins...I of coarse told her I didn't mind.
I guess this is enough writing for tonight. My son is now home from visiting his friends and wants the Hal computer ....and it is now time for me to hit the sack....I already tried to go to sleep once tonight...but with so much on my mind I got back up and found myself writing here again. I hope I made this post a bit interesting at least to someone.
Ahhhhh.....are my Lacing Family cute???? :) Mark Myers did the artwork for me and put this on my blogger site. Mark is so very creative with his artwork as I am sure most of you in Lacingland know. If it wasn't for Mark...my blogger would look pretty sad and boring. Now I have characters that I can have some fun with when I write more of my wacky stories....when I am dreaming of another land.....far...far away from here.
Anyhow...there is some stories that I will share with you on how my characters got the names they have. Frist of all....Mrs. Pink Shuttle and Mr. Green Shuttle are truly shuttles that I have in my collection. Puff is from the story "Puff the Magic Dragon" you know...the one that lives by the sea....Anyhow...the reason my tatting bag got this name is because the tatting bag that I use the most is one that I got from Debbie Arnold in Dever, Co. A few years ago I met Debbie at the Palmetto's tatting event. She had tons of tatting bags...and I mean tons...all kinds of colors and prints. I was looking to see if she had any with dragons on them...nope she didn't. I then inquired if she had any....nope. After she got home she found out her sister Sherry had some dragon material and sent me a scan of it....I told her it was perfect and to please make me a bag out of the material. You see...the dragons were purple...and the print that surrounded the dragons was so me....I was in love ....so the bag was ordered. She even through in a shuttle pocket for me out of the same material. Someday I will tat an edging up and go around the shuttle pocket...but first I am waiting for the special edging pattern to land in my mailbox...hint to someone who might be reading this....
Then there is Ms. Floozy my bobbinlace pillow. Mark made the pillow for me which he started a couple years ago but managed to finish it up before last year's Palmetto Tatting Event. He gave me the pillow then to take home on the plane.
Anyhow...Mark was closed mouth about what my pillow looked like. I believe there was some major teasing that went along with the fun of teasing my curiosity. All he would tell me was, it was covered in black and purple material. Now I know I am really wierd...but when I heard those colors I immediately thought of a saloon girl in the west. That is how I came up with the name Ms. Floozy.
So that is the story behind my character's names that I use in my stories that I write from time to time...which I know....I need to get going again on the story....for everything was left at a peak in the story the last I wrote.
I have been very busy here lately...hence I haven't been on the computer too awfully much. But today I finished a doily that I have been working on. The pattern came from an old tatting booklet that I own. It is "Tatting" by Penelope booklet number 4. The doily was made in peach color manuela thread size 20...that size 20 thread seemed like rope...but at least I hope for many years...it will withstand many washings. The doily isn't blocked...I just ironed it. For now that it is finished...I am going to use it on a table in my livingroom. I use my tatting instead of having it all in a drawer. The little motifs that you see next to my doily are a begining of another project that I have been working on.....projects and more projects ...oh my....projects and more projects...oh my....repeat this to yourself to the same music that is in "The Wizard of Oz" Lions, tigers and bears...oh my...lions, tigers and bears...oh my....and I will now leave you with that tune going through your head....LOL

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well....Hello everybody!!!
I don't think I mentioned yesterday but...I finished the new Harry Potter book. It was a good book with some surprises in it. I can kinda see where the next book will be going.
Today is another scorcher...but....that is okay...I will be going to the lake again. I tell you I am just loving this heat. I have been in the lake and my daughter's swimming pool alot this year.
Yesterday we got warnings for a severe Tstorms...but it must have been on the opposite side of the lake. All we got was some distant boomers. So it is has been awhile since we have gotten any rain, but I don't think my flowers are suffering too much...just a bit wilted is all.
Besides going to the lake today...I will be working on this doily that I started about a month ago. I am making it in peach color Manuela thread size 20. Peach isn't exactly my color...but it may find a home in my livingroom. My couch has a bit of peach in the coloring. The couch has a Native American look to the print of the material which is okay...I have Indian stuff in my livingroom along with different animal heads that are on my walls. It kinda blends in all together. I really do need to see about selling a bunch of stuff though...there is way too much junk here that I don't want or care about anymore. Besides...we sure could use the money for the bills that keep coming in here like clockwork.
Anyhow...when the doily is done I will get a picture of it and share it on here. The pattern is from booklet 4 by Penelope which is an old booklet.
Have fun tatting, lacing...and take time to smell the roses and look at the beauty that surrounds you.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another hot day.....but....
I am loving it. At the moment I am all hot and yecky...but not for long. I am going to go down to the lake and literally jump right in.....and cool off.
I thought I would share some different kind of pictures with you today. I was in the UK and Ireland about 6 years ago. It was a dream of my life when I went over there. I wanted to go to the place my ancestors came from. I was over there for a month. We went on a tour that started in London, then up the right side of the isle to Scotland eventually, across the locks (lakes) and then down into Wales and then we went on a huge ferry. I didn't realize the ferries were so big. There were restaruants, and there was even a band playing, a theater, stores...but where I was most of the time was to the back of the ferry watching and waiting for Ireland to come into view. Which it did.
Now take a look at all the curving that is on these colums and the arches. I took alot of pictures of different curvings that were on the buildings, castles and everywhere. My mouth continously dropped open at the sheer beauty of the buildings over there....don't see much like this in New York.

Now take a look at that sunset. Isn't that just beautiful??? Sigh...Anyhow...this was June 6th. I remember the weather that night was beautiful. We went on a cruise up the Thames River and under Tower Bridge. It isn't a really good picture of the bridge but it is of the sunset. I have other pictures that I took of tower bridge...but you don't see the colors of the sunset so well in those pictures.

Now here is my kind of guy. My Knight in

Shining Armor. Here is another sigh....well...it is
close as I am ever going to get to one. Too bad I
couldn't take him home with me. He was standing
in the hotel lobby of one of the hotels were were
staying in.
I have tons of pictures that I took over there. I came home with over 15 rolls of film. Believe me when I say....it cost me a small fortune to get them all developed...but it was one of the first things I did after I got home from my trip after I went to visit my mother and made sure she was okay. She was in the hospital just before I left to go overseas. But things at that time worked out just fine.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

for some reason....when you put the curser over the fan picture it doesn't go big after you click on it....I don't know why...so I am going to put it there again...and see if it will work them....computers.....poohey...who needs them anyways.....LOL
Today is a really slow day......so.....
I thought I would put a picture of my fan on my blogger that I designed and took with me to Palmetto's. I couldn't enter it....dummy me didn't pay attention to when you had to have your entry in by...so I missed it....but after seeing the other fans ...it is just as well for I could't compete wtih all the beautiful fans that I saw there.
Anyhow...it is my Celtic Design fan. At the top you will note the two Zoomorphics. One being a cat...( that is one really big pussy cat) and a dragon. Down below is three trinity celtic knotwork. There is no begining and no end in the trinity knot btw. I wanted my fan to look floral so ....there is lots of flowers in lots of colors. I used tatting thread, and quilting thread to make up the elements of the fan. For the ground I used the migonette stitch and the thread used for this was black sewing machine thread that had metallic blended in it.
For the fan sticks. I used el cheapo fans. I took all the fans apart and just used the two end blades and made up a new fan with these. I painted the fan sticks black and added some silver and gold paint here and there so the fan stick blades would hopefully blend in with the fan iself.
It took me months to make the fan. First drawing it out the way I wanted it to look. Then sizing the design so it would fit my fan sticks and then ....just tatting it.
There is no pattern for the fan. Not sure if there ever will be. Someday...I will design a dragon that can actually be patterned out. I so love dragons and wish there were more dragon patterns out there for me to tat so I wouldn't have to keep designing them so I can tat them.
If anybody knows of a dragon pattern out there please send me an email and let me know where it is....

In the meanwhile...enjoy the picture. One last note here....the other favorite thing that I really like is knights....someday....as soon as I figure out how to do one...I am going to tat "A Knight in Shining Armor" hey...that sounds like a title to one of my favorite books by Jude Deveraux. Anyhow...if I in reality can't have a real live knight....then I will tat one. But you should see my dressers in my bedroom. I have knights all over the place....I wish I had real magical powers so I could bring one to life just for a short while....
Good Morning in Lacingland!!!!!!!
One of the things I will be doing today is a bit of research on the internet. This means I will be doing some internet surfing which I don't do a whole lot of. What am I looking for...well plaids. My great grandparents came from County Antrim in Ireland. I have documentation of that. My great grandfather's name was Little. And my great Grandmother's maiden name was O'Neil. So I am going to see if I can find the plaid for both of their names. Maybe I won't have any sucess...but I am going to try anyways. After I get their plaids .I am going to print it off and then try to paint their plaids on a shuttle. One side for the O'Neil plaid and one side for the Little...over this plaid I am then going to paint shamrocks. This could end up being a fiddily project...and who knows it could end up going nowhere....but I think it might be interesting just the same.
I thought I would share a couple more pictures with you.
In this picture is a necklace that I made with black wire, some really el cheapo medallions and a bit of cheap chains. I kinda like the necklace.

In the next picture is my Bryony Flower that I did for a Hector class earlier this year. Trying to make those picots was fun. I actually used a picot gauge which to be honest I hardly ever use. I usually just eye ball them for size.

In this next picture is a name tag that I made for myself. Believe it or not...this name tag started off being a cut wooden watering can shape that I bought at Michael's. When I saw the watering can I thought to myself...gee...I wonder if I drew a shape of a shuttle could I get my husband to cut it for me and then add a whole bunch of evenly spaced holes all the way around the outside edge so I could attach my tatted edge. This is the finished name tag.
I think tomorrow I will throw some bobbinlace pictures on here....just for something different. I think alot of you know that I also do that....though I have to say that lately I haven't been doing much of that...but it seems in the winter I do more bobbinlace and to be honest I don't know why.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Doesn't my blog look familar?? I have Mark to thank for doing this for me. I am a cripple person when it comes to things like HTMLing. Maybe someday I will do something about it...you know get wiser...learn something...but right now...I don't have funds to go back to school. As it is my son will be starting college this fall. That is all the schooling we can handle right now...though to be honest...he has done really well as far as taking responsiblity for himself. He works and has paid alot for his fall semester himself. I am so very proud of him. He wants to take computer science. So maybe down the road he can teach his mother something about computers. Ha!
But getting back to the appearance of my blog...it is so me. I love the fact that my blog looks like my website. I asked Mark if he could put my logo on my blog and lo and behold he also put my background from my website for the background for my blog. So thank you very much Mark for helping me. :)) big smile.
What have I been doing at night...well...to be honest...not much tatting or bobbinlacing. I have been ...I don't know...here, there and everywhere. I can't seem to land on doing one thing at night lately ...though truth to be told...I am usually up late every night and up early every morning...usually at 6am I am having my first cup of coffee for the day and trying to clear the cobwebs out of my head....I know...sometimes I am so wacky and silly that maybe a few of the cobwebs are still there and don't get emptied out. But taking a broom to the inside of my head I think would hurt a great deal....don't you think so??
One of the things I have been trying to do at night is save some time to read my book that I have been reading since I stood in line at our huge Wegman's Food chain store after mightnight...waiting to get my copy of .....you guessed....( gee you are so smart) yup...my Harry Potter book. I have now 200 pages to go and I will be finished with it. Right now I have to admit....that I have lots of questions that I want answered. Since there are only 200 pages left now out of over 600 page book...I know the story is going to go really fast. I am enjoying reading this book like I did his other books. They are fun and wacky like me....LOL
Till the next time I find this blog....look before you sit....make sure there are no pointy shuttles or needles in your chair for they sure can do damage to one's derrie're.LOL