Friday, December 23, 2011

So how do you like my Christmas card. I thought it turned out kinda cool looking. It is a camera shaking, taken at night, but I love the way the Christmas lights did its own kinda cool thing. It is my Christmas tree all lite up. So here is my Christmas card to you all that come and visit my blog.

Do you all remember the awful tease I did with my Christmas Lace in progress picture...where here is two more pictures. One is the tape lace finished and the other is the tatted filling I did before I took the lace off my pillow.

I got a really nice Christmas Card of a really nice bobbinlaced ornament on it from Daphne Martin of England. She belongs on the lace list Arachne. Here is a picture of the Christmas card I recieved from her.

Here is another picture I took of some of my laces together that I have made in the past.
I usually make my four children a Christmas Ornament so they will have something made by their mother.This year for my children I decided to make them a tatted beaded chandelier covering for a glass ornament. I made four of them. I used a pattern from Deb Arnold from Colorado. Her is her url for 9designs if you would like to get a kit or the pattern for the covering. used Lisbeth thread in size 20 in the colorway Christmas Delight. I am happy with the way they turned out.

This is it for now on this post unless I think of something else to write about.I am going to end it with another "Golden ticket" of something I found was made in theUSA. IT was our tree stand we bought for our tree...What about you...if you find something made in the USA...a Golden ticket" it on your blog and blog about it. We have got to have MADE IN THE USA everywhere again when shopping in a store. So I am ending with a scan of the label from my Golden Ticket.

If this blog is showing alot of gaping is blogger's fault and not mine.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am making a wee bit of Christmas fairy lace in pink and white. Here are a couple sneek previews. I am not keeping this lace so ....that is why I am just giving peeks of it. Also here are a few of my painted continental bobbins. I painted these years ago for a Russian Lace Class that I took with Holly Van Sciver. I wanted my bobbins to go all together but look different at the same time so I came up with painting cartoons on them. I know the cartoons are copywrited but I painted these bobbins for my own use and are not for sale. I did give away my Bugs and Taz bobbin years ago so sometime I will have to paint another one. I also have more of these bobbins and my intent is to paint even more cartoons on them. The bobbins are fun to look at. I am always thinking of some character I haven't painted yet. So do you all remember these cart0on characters? Are there any you don't recognize? Do they bring back memories? I am showing the front and back of the bobbins. Some of the bobbins have more than one character painted on now it is back to the lace. Oh and the hankies are thank yous to Erin Holloway who always graces me with Halloweenie hankies.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Okay is better late than never...I am going to share some of my very own Palmetto pictures with y'all...but first is this picture of a pretty variegated purple snowflake that went along with the purple tree that I donated to the silent auction. I believe Pam Freck won the tree along with this very pretty snowflake. Can any of the designers out there recognize this flake as your pattern...if not does anybody know who the pattern belongs to...please let me know...I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THAT pattern. It is so pretty. So here is that picture.

For those that were at Palmetto the year that Erin (mostly Erin) and I made up a family of sock monkeys and gave them to Riet at the banquet dinner. WeeeeLLLL This year in my Halloween "Just Cross Stitch" issue was this sock monkey...and I saw it and Riet automatically popped into my head...I have got to do that cross stitch and give it to Riet...well I made the cross stitch pirate sock monkey and gave it to Riet at the banquet. I worked on it right up until I gave it to her almost. Riet also had the cutest Sock monkey earrings on that she showed me when I was giving here the cross stitch. So here is the stitch and here I am giving it to Riet.
Riet, if you are still reading this...I still need to tat you a bird for the "Polly , want a cracker".

Now of coarse when I go to Knoxville,Tenn. I get to visit with my best friend Erin Holloway. We always have such a good time together. We usually go to Macoroni Grill for dinner and we went this year too...Here we are already starting the fun...( this is what vacation is all about...FUN). We also always to go Lily's Beadbox can never have too many beads you know.

And since I got there before Palmetto event I got to see the runner and so on that Erin was working on . She was a stitching mad woman trying to get the gizzillion flakes sewed onto the beautiful silk material. I believe the piece here that Erin is working on Raymond won for her at the auction...Can you imagine a man ...huh?? But doesn't Erin look like a stitching Diva in this picture??

Of coarse going to Georgia or South Carolina is always a most scenic trip. Here is a picture of the Smokey Mountains...Can you see where the name Smokey Mountains came from and I don't think it was from smoking too many Camel cigarettes. LOL

So how about some people pictures now... How many people can you name in these pictures. I see Arleen, Sharon Golden, Martha Ess, Erin of coarse, Kathy Berndt, Lenora F.,Donna, AK ( Georgia)Sharen Morgan, Nancy Clemmons and her husband, Connie Angeline, Leslie Deveaux-Christian

Here is a couple pictures of my roommate Sephanie Wilson wearing her cool tatted hat. Love the hat...she had the same problem I had with my purple hat...the humidity of the Southern States...wilts the hats.

And now for a couple flakes in closing that were on the quilt.

I hate blogging...I won't tell you how long it took me to do this...if it looks is not my fault.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi everybody here is one of my favorite days of the year and tomorrow will be my oldest daughter Chrystal's birthday. ...So many years ago this evening ,I was handing out the Halloween treats while I was in labor. Being I gave birth to my daughter just after midnight is one of reason I have always thought this was the best time of the year. I bet Chrystal always thought so when she was young. Halloween candy...candy...candy...the night before her birthday and cake and ice cream and lets not forget the presents on her birthday after a gluntiny of Halloween SUGAR RUSH...LOL

Now the other part of this story is I had to hurry and get out of the hospital for I wanted to be home for my oldest son's first birthday which is on Nov.5th. Yes, Shawn and Chrystal are less than a year apart and over the years when they were young we celebrated their birthdays together though I usually tried to have both of them have their very own Birthday Cakes. More

As I have mentioned to you before one of my favorite cross stitch designers died earlier this year in a horrific accident. After Lisa Roswell's death some of us stitcher in her honor and memory started stitching one of her designs. I just finished mine tonight. The design is called "Witches Nine". I love the verse of this design and it goes as follows.

In the town live witches nine:

Three in worsted, three in rags,

And three in velvet fine".

I do wonder where she got this verse or if she made it up. The only thing I have left to do to this stitching is to put my name on it and the year I stitched it.
Lastly I am going to share just a few Halloween pictures of my Chicklets. These were taken at a fun Trick or Treat event at Wegmans here in Canandaigua, New York.

Here is a picture of some pumpkins that the employees of Wegmans carved. There were more than these...but look at the talent here...Hope you all have a happy HALLOWEENIE;)
One last note....I HATE BLOGGER. My text and my pictures never seem to line up right..making me look dumb.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween is coming...and I just wanted to share. I did an exchange with my friend from Baton Rouge, New Orleans. We have been doing this at Halloween time. It is actually a stitch exchange. This is what I sent to her.

It is from Prairie Schooler "October" I was thinking of Harry Potter and decided to make the Owls for Sale sign and then I tatted an Owl The owl pattern is from Diane Stevens Animal Bookmark books. The first time I have ever done this owl and I actually like it alot. I think I may do another one. I also noticed when hanging on to the owl from the hanger...the face kinda folds forward making it look like a 3D owl. After I sent off my exchange I did another stitch of the Owls For Sale...but I haven't gotten around to tatting the owl yet to go with it...I might have the owl stand on its own merit. We shall see.

I also got a nice exchange from Ann my exchange partner. You can see what so so nicely sent to me on her blog here.

I love the Quaker Pattern she sent to me. There are alot of Halloween themes stitches in the just have to look for them. She also sent me some hand coffee dyed material. I am planning on using the linen to do the Quaker design on it. Lastly but really cute...( and Ann it is on my {one now} fake Christmas Tree). It is a Bat. Actually after I saw this I thought of Batter...and now thinking I should do one for her. Thank you Ann for the great exchange

Eventually I will get in the swing of things in posting on my blog. IT is just when I do have computer time...I usually am reading my mail and everybody elses blogs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi everybody.

Been really busy as usual around here. Halloween is coming of my favorite times of the year. Now tell me...who that is reading this blog doesn't know that.

Anywhoo...whoo...said the owl...with Halloween coming it bring to my mind my favorite cross stitch designer who lost her life this past Spring when her car went off the road and ended up in deep water where my favorite designer died. That is Lisa Roswell. Halloween I think was her favorite times of the year. Alot of her designs were for Halloween with the Primitive feel to Lisa's designs. I use to write to Lisa and I am missing the fact that we are not emailing about Halloween this year and being excited to give her new ideas for designs that she also that would make a cool design.

Today I took out my Witches Hallow design of Lisa's that I stitched. It was a big design and I know there is a picture of it finished on this blog somewhere. I never did get it framed so I hung it on a clothes hanger with clothes pins. It is hanging off my arch entryway that goes from my livingroom to my dinningroom. She is hanging in an honor spot in my house where it can be seen by anybody that comes to my house.

I just wanted to say with Halloween coming...I am thinking of Lisa and her family. I know I will never think of Halloween again without thinking of the loss of Lisa Roswell. I just thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Soon I will share something else with you that I have been working on. And NO it isn't the eighth wonder made in size 160 thread...I will leave those to Mark Myers...but something just the same.I will also be putting pictures I took at Palmetto's Tat Days and also picture I took at "Ithaca's Lace Days" that I just went to.

Until I write again...keep those hands happy.
I also have one picture to share...I did find one "Golden Ticket". Here is the picture of my Golden Ticket.Finding "Made In the USA" is like finding the "Golden Ticket" in Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. I have found one ticket though about you...are you finding anything that says "made in the USA"...keep looking...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally a new post. ....Say Yeah....where have you been? Actually, I have been right here...just busy watching my Grandchildren and when I am not doing that I have been swimming, stitching, tatting ,lacing, antiqueing and whenever else I manage to sweeze in my busy day.

I will be at Palmetto tatting event. I am leaving here on the 20th to fly to Tenn. and stay with my friend Erin Holloway. I have got butterflies in my stomach right now just thinking about it. I am excited for my vacation to begin and also...keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly while I am away. So look out Erin and Raymond I will be seeing you soon. Let the fun begin...

This past Tuesday, Gary ( my husband ) and I went out antiqueing. We sometimes do this even if we have no money ( money, you ask ...what is that??) And to change the scenery from my TV and Livingroom feast our eyes on things of old. We went looking for some new haunts for us to check out. But guess what?? All three of them were closed. What a diappointment!! So we jumped back into the truck and headed back to Canandaigua...and we decided to go to the usual haunt...the Ontario Antique Mall in Canandaigua. We figured we wouldn't find anything really cool but we did. First of husband has been collecting thistle,paneled, pressed glass. This glass was made a hundred years ago. I actually spotted a salt dish in the thistle glass. It wasn't to long after that Gary said to me...Sher come going a couple rows of showcases he shows me this shuttle. The shuttle was metal and I knew I didn't have one like it. We asked someone to open the case for us and I took out the shuttle and turned it over. And there was a spot to push that pushed out a pointed pic. It had on it Patented Jan 1st 1867 on it. I didn't have any shuttle like this shuttle. I said...I have got to have it. Well we bought it. Probably shouldn't have...but I knew I probably wouldn't see another like it. We left the antique place day wasn't a total loss afterall.

As soon as I got home I took out my American Shuttle book and looked up the shuttle,page 43 &44. The shuttle maker is Greenwalt. Now, here is the exciting part...and I really loved said it was the First "AMERICAN" metal made shuttle produced. When I saw that I was really super happy with the shuttle. I cleaned the shuttle up for it was tarnished alot and needed tender loving care. It is a beautiful shuttle now. We paid $42.50 for the shuttle which I think was a steal. What do all of you think out there in Tattingland? Does anybody have a shuttle like this one out there in Tattingland? I would really love to hear what you think. Was it a steal or not? Personally I don't think the person knew what they had.

In the Tatting Shuttle book though it said the shuttle was made out of brass. The post and the sleeve for the needle pic was brass, but I don't think the blades are brass. My husband thought maybe they were steel but a magnet doesn't stick to it...I am wondering if it is silver though I do not see any markings for silver. I don't see the maker marking either...not to say if this shuttle was suppose to be marked or not. This shuttle is almost 150 years old according to the book. I am really excited.

Here are some pictures to show the shuttle to you.

"Finding MADE IN USA " is like looking for the "Golden Ticket" in Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory. Lets have "MADE IN USA " again and make our country strong again.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Okay this is something I hate about Blogger. It seems to me you can't copy something from somewhere else and paste it here. I hope you can click on my scans so you can read what I wrote. My feelings about poor little beautiful Caylee Marie Anthony.
Also, the conduct of the defense lawyers was deplorable. Cheny Mason...give the middle finger in front of a big restaurant/bar window to the press and those Support justice for Caylee Marie Anthony or the two finger guns shot by Hosa in front of the camera's after the verdict was read. I can't stand any of them but since they won the injustice trail...I suppose I will be seeing them anywhere and everywhere, The defense lawyers, and the whole Anthony family will be "Real TV" like celebs now.Sick..sick ....sick!!