Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another short post here. This is a heart that I tatted using Spring Poppies size 80 thread hand dyed by Sherry Pence Lady Shuttlemaker. Here is her url for her blog:

And her etsy selling page is:

She also makes beautiful hand dyed threads like Marilee Rockley but she also makes very pretty shuttles. I have a pair of purple ones. They do hold alot of thread even though it is stated it is a small shuttle.

Yes Sherry for the Dragon on an earlier post was made from your Fushia thread size 20 and my heart was tatted in Tuti Fruiti thread size 80.

The designer of this heart is Kristina Plaas and it was called "Hope in My Heart" in Memorium : September 11th,2001. The url on the bottom of my printed page incase you would like to make this heart too is:

Here is an article that was in the local paper that is out of Rochester, New York. It mentions Chantix in the article and the findings that it is being linked to sucidal tendencies and depression along with some other medication. This is what the doctors feel happened to me. You just would not believe how depressed I was and sick...sick...sick...Anyhow...I thought I would share the link with you where you can go and read the article for yourself.

One more time with showing this necklace....geezzzzz......sorry about this.....

Just to tease you a bit. Here is a picture of a necklace I made while proofing Iris Niebach's new jewerly tatting book. I made it in size 30 thread of hand dyed thread from Marilee the Yarnplayers. What do you think of the colors is that me or what??!! This book or Iris's has alot of really nice patterns. I understand that you should be able to order it from Lacis. I have a feeling that Handy Hands will have it soon too. You will find my picture of this necklace actually in her book. Aren't I honored.

So here is the tease on it...I hope it enlarges for you. YOu never know with the blog. ;(
One of the two pictures I hope will enlarge after clicking on it with your cursor.

Iris Niebach's blog url is: Here website is:

The Yarnplayer Marilee Rockley's blog url is:

Now to throw some Hector, New YOrk tatting weekend picture at you. Enjoy!!

We have Pam Freck from South Carolina. I was really surprised to see her. We also had Connie Angeline from New Jersey. She is the one I traded butterflies with. Some friends from upper New York. One being Kathy Byrant. We have Martha with her red hair. I did learn something else from her....hmmm I wonder what it was....I think it was suppose to be a secret.... And we have a beautiful doily whose pattern came out of an old Workbasket Magazine. And we have more pictures of people sitting around tatting. Oh and I am showing you another picture of List Mom for Here Be Tatters Sussie Q Hanson...sitting down and behaving herself....

Friday, April 18, 2008

 I have to do another post on this blog today. I got this really nice card in the mail from my Good friend Mark Myers. your hearts out because you can't have what I found inside the card. I am so honored to actually get a piece of Bobbinlace from Mark. He usually keeps all his bobbinlace so I am so honored. Isn't this piece of lace pretty. Thank you so much Mark!!!! :)) big smile.
Man...sometimes I hate this blogger about anybody else? If you put your cursor over the first picture of my necklace it will work to enlarge it so you can see it up close and almost personal. Don't bother trying to get the other pictures of this necklace to enlarge. It won't work. Enjoy and I am sorry about the silliness of blog composes. I just wanted you all to see my necklace. Oh and look they don't even have the date right. This is Monday morning April 21,2008.

I am going to try and upload the necklace picture again. For some reason it doesn't want to become a bigger picture when you put the cursor over it and I am going to try again. This necklace needs to be seen close up.
This is the second time I have typed this post. Just when I was ready to publish the blog entry I got windows must close box and I lost everything. I so hate when that happens.

So now it is the day before yesterday instead of yesterday my girlfriend of over 30 years called me out of the blue. Her name is Laurie DeGraw. Anyhow last year we went to a craft festable that was in Kershaw Park. We both like crafts...though she doesn't make lace she is very crafty in other things. I have been trying to get her to come over to the darkside of learning how to make lace but I guess her force is stronger than mine. Anyhow we were looking at some very pretty stones that could be used for jewerly and we decided to make each other a necklace. I am so sorry to say I haven't started hers yet but I will....Laurie did make my necklace and gave it to me on Saturday. Isn't the necklace pretty. I was so surprised. It was kinda funny....I had my eyes closed when she gave me the box...of coarse I knew what was in while opening eyes were closed and when I opened the box....I opened my eyes and I gave a surprise OOHHH WOOWWW. So here is the picture of the necklace my friend made for me. I love the pink stone...what do you think Erin...isn't the necklace gorgeous....Look at all the pink in it.

Also I thought I would share with you a couple pictures of butterflies. Connie Angeline and I decided that we would both make butterflies and trade them when we saw each other in Hector, New York Tatting event that was earlier this month. She made hers out of pink thread and black beads. It reminds me of 1950s but I don't know why...Does anybody know why I would think that? And since I was born in 1955 I don't remember the fifties. Kinda wierd huh??

Also I will share the picture of the butterfly I made for her. My pattern came from an old "Old Crochet" magazine. So here are the pictures.

Later on this week I will show you more pictures that I took at Hector, New YOrk Tatting event.

Just a bit of tatting to show you. The dragon is from Karey Solomon's new Dragon Book. I love dragons, but you didn't know that out there in Tattingland did you?? Anyhow when I was starting to get sick with the depression and before I ended up in the hospital Karey had sent me an email to proof this dragon. She didn't have to break my arm or shuttles. I love dragons, but I was starting to get sick...and I couldn't concentrate...and my dragon got started but I just couldn't see how I was going to get him done...I kept getting stuck and couldn't figure out how to make the dragon. This fustrated me...but as I got sicker ....I didn't want to do it anymore.

Well the past couple of days I worked on this dragon again. I got it finished but it isn't exactly how it was suppose to be made but pretty close. I think I will have to make another of this dragon pattern. Now that I did this one...maybe the second one will be easier. I still have concentration problems. Still can't sleep and still look tired now all the time. I don't feel rested at all and my energy level is all down. I have been told that it takes along time for the depression symptoms to go away. What I want to know is when I can go to sleep again ( who use to sleep like the dead) without taking sleepings like I have to now just to go to sleep. If I don't take them I can't sleep which leads me back to relasping which I did a couple weeks ago.

The other picture is Tatterly's Heart designed by Diana Stevens. I thought this heart would be simple to make and usually it would have been but like I said ...having problems concentrating and just missing things. I tried to make this heart three times and I finally got it made correctly. Here is the url for the heart pattern if you would like to get it and make it yourselves.

I hope the link still works for you. I had this pattern printed off since 12/23/00 which is the date on my print out.

Next week I will put up more pictures from Hector, New York event.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My weekend tatting. I finished Iris Niebach's doily that I started while I was at Palmetto last year...and I finished tatting around this odd shaped cube. The odd shaped cube was something we were working on at Karey Solomon's house at one of the past tatting meetings. I don't think I had the right size thread to fit the cubes that I got from Karey so it is on this odd shape glass cube instead. Also in that same cube picture is a pair of Nina Libin's earrings design that I started at Hector last weekend. In the kit there is still a different color beads and metallic thread for another earring design. Love Nina's designs. Actually I love alot of people's designs...and will never live long enough to do them all. Enjoy the pictures. Later on in the week I will share some more Hector, New York pictures.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here is a picture of my finished Hector Dragonet from a class I took of Karey Solomon. I just finished this dragon today. I like how it turned out. I hope Karey sees my finished dragon too.

Anyhow...there was a dragon pattern I was suppose to proof for Karey before the Hector event but I was having real problems with the pattern ...and I think now it was because of the depression that started to set in with me made it so I couldn't think and concentrate because I was so tired and sick. So I will get back to that dragon starting tomorrow and see if I can finish that one. It is also a pattern of Kareys' but a different dragon.

Tonight I think I will finish up a pair of Nina Libin's earrings that I also started at Hector. I have one of the earrings done...just got to make the other one. They will be pretty. Then there is also another style too of Nina's so I will make those too. I do feel sorry that Nina didn't make it to Hector this year but Rita Cochrane did a good job in being Nina's Substitute teacher.

Anyhow...I will share some of my Hector pictures with you. Enjoy! There will be more but I will just start with a few for now.

In these pictures you have Suzzie Q with her purple hair doo...and a close up of her special Tatbead Earrings that Jane Eborall made for her.
There is a picture of Kathy Bryant and her in progress purple shawl from a pattern of Mary Konior. I am making a shawl also using this same pattern. There is a picture of a Christmas tree with lots of cool tatted ornament on it that was raffled off in a silent auction and Suzzie Q of the UK was the winner of the tree. When I last looked at the silent auction sheet hers was the only name on it...I wonder how many more names were on the sheet or did Suzzie Q scare everyone away?? LOL We also at the beginings of a Chess Set that is being tatted by either Ginny Weathers or Dani the Geek. I don't know which one it belongs to. We also have a pretty picture of a doily which I remember seeing a couple years ago. The pattern was from a workbasket magazine. I do remember that and I have that pattern somewhere around here. Also this cool looking Adam and Eve picture. It kinda reminds me of Adam and Eves I have seen in old needle samplers. Anyhow I hope you all enjoy the pictures. There will be more shown in days to come.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well...yesterday was another trip to Clifton Springs Hospital. The depression was coming back. I guess it is my fault that it did. I was prescribe resteril sleeping pills which are addicting to help me sleep. I had been taking them since I have been home from the hospital....but hey...I gave up the addiction to cigarrettes and I didn't want to exchange it to another addiction so I tried on Sunday night and Monday night not to take my sleeping pill. Well...I didn't sleep much on Sunday on Monday I spent half of the day laying on the couch and thankful I wasn't babysitting that day. Then yesterday I was on the couch again after another sleepless night. So thank God my daughter Chrystal was home from work and she took me to the hospital for I could feel the depression coming back on I was wheepy and feeling very tired. Bottom line I guess I Have to take my sleeping pills. I am feeling better today.

Tomorrow I go back to Clifton Springs to see a Psychatrist and I was told I could maybe get a sleeping pill that isn't addicting. While I am there I am going to ask why they put me on an antidepressant with the side effect of trouble sleeping. That is what started this whole mess...I couldn't sleep from the Chantix and then I ended up being really sick to my stomach.

I was told last night that it will be awhile before I am stable and feeling somewhat normal. Since I don't have a husband is taking a couple days off from work so I can make my appointments that I need.

Yesterday I got a beautiful paper hand made card in the mail from Mary Donohue. I was so surprised and when I got around to opening the package it was in I was on my way to Clifton so that brought tears to my eyes again. With depression...everything makes you wheepy. But the card was so beautiful and I was so touched that she thought of me and sent me the card. I am sharing a picture I took of my card with all of you.

Thankgoodness I took my sleeping pills over the Hector Weekend.IT was a great weekend and I was feeling fine though a bit tired at night...but then it was a busy day. I was lucky enough to give Martha Ess a ride back and forth from Canandaigua where I live to Hector on both days. We had a lot of chance to talk. She gifted me with some pretty awsome things. get this everybody....CELTIC DREAM WEAVER and me SHERRY now has her very own TATBEAD designed and made by Martha Ess. She gave me my Tatbead as one of the gifts she gave to me. I wore my Tatbead on my Lace Making Sweatshirt Cardigan proudly.
These are the pictures of the Tatbead that Martha did for me...and I can't take any better pictures of my Tatbead than Martha did so here is my Tatbead...what do you all think of her...and look at that fly away hair. Of coarse I got my hair cut so it isn't so long now...but still as someone else told me is still me....And I found out that Janey O Janey across the pond knew about my new Tatbead.

Isn't she so cute????!!!! She also gave me a crocheted purple mind you hedgehog which I will have to get a picture of yet and she gave me a couple other things that I will be proofing but I have my very own sample of so ....sorry pictures of those.

I have lots of pictures from the Hector weekend but I will post those on another day.

Also in the mail today I got Iris Niebach's Brand new book. Wow...wait until you guys she her book.
I am going to leave this post with one picture of one of her design that I actually tatted when proofing this particular pattern.