Friday, April 24, 2009

I thought I would let you all know about the sale that Handy Hands is having. I got this email from Handy Hands this morning. Now is the time to get some threads you may have been wanting at a lower cost. Better hurry before all the thread is gone.

***SPRING CLEANING THREAD SALE** at Handy Hands TattingThere are several threads that are no longer made or we cannot get them anymore, so we decided to have a SPRING CLEANING on some of them.

Available while supplies last.Flora Size 50 - No longer made - Retail $4.25 - SALE $1.95.Hakelgarn Size 20 - NO longer made in colors- Retail $5.50 - SALE on certain colors

$3.25.Manuela- No longer get - Retail $5.95 - SALE $3.25. Omega 30 - Certain colors NOT made Retail $3.25 SALE $1.55.Omega 50 - Colors NOT made Reatil $3.80 SALE $1.95.Opera - NO longer Made - Retail $4.50 - SALE $2.15.

Handy Hands, Inc.www.hhtatting.comClick on "SPRING CLEANING THREAD SALE"Questions (217)379-3802 Monday - Friday 9-5 central time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A FEW write about.
First....this past weekend was Hector, New York tatting event. I only went on Saturday. Had to borrow a car and so on...but I had a good time. So I am going to share some pictures with you all.

So what do I have in the pictures. The first picture is a group shot of us tatters that were in Hector on Saturday for the tatting event. The next picture is a people picture. The lighting I thought was bad so some of my people pictures did not turn out too good but I am sharing some of them with you anway. The lady teaching with the gray and white vertical striped pullover is Bina Madden from the state of Washington. She came from the farthest to attend the event. The lady in blue is Ruth Perry being her sunny self. Loved her tee shirt she had on. The redhead with the black top on is Vicki Clarke from Canada. I had her for my Christmas Advent Exchange on Gina's Goddess Tatting list. We got to talk even more. The Christmas ornments were made by Ginny Weathers. She taught a class for making a ornment cover something like a lampshade over a glass ball. See how pretty they are. In the last picture above here is Kathy Brandt that I use to work with many years ago and found each other again when I first started going to the Hector Event. She actually lives on the Eastern side of New York now. In the past I have met up with some fun tatters on that side of the state...but couldn't go last year...the funds wouldn't let us go...but maybe this year...but now that my husband doesn't have a job...I don't know if we can or not.

Now moving on here to another subject and more pictures...haha.

In this picture is Pat Pike. She is from Buffalo/Amherst area of the state. I met Pat a few years ago. She is left handed like me...and she knows how to do the Romanian Point Lace Cording. She has showed me I don't know how many times in the past ...and I guess I just didn't really get it...but TA DA....I have it Gina...if you are reading this blog...take a look at my cording in the picture. What do you think? I did this with size 20 Lizbeth thread. I kept practicing it after I got home and I pick up my crochet hook up every now and then and add a bit more to the length of my cording. Hopefully if you click on the picture of the cording maybe you can see my stitches better and I didn't have to flip my mind over backwards to make it either. It is left handed made. Yippee. I can't crochet right handed. I have tried in the past but my brain will not flip the other way to crochet right handed so I had to have a left handed crocheter. Thank you Pat!!

I have been wanting to know how to do this for a long time. I have some Romanian Point Lace Patterns in some of my old Anna magazines and I have three books by Sylvia Murariu. One of her books even is for Christmas ornaments and there are at least three angels in that book. So now that I know how...I will be trying my hand in some Romanian Point Lace and since I can make the cording now...I can do mine in color which is so me...don't you all think??

In this next picture is two more teapots I have made from Martha Ess's Teapot book. Which if you go here you can get some info on how to get your copy. It is a great book.

Handy Hands I know will also be selling the book. Speaking of Handy Hands, I happen to know that there will be more different varigated and solid colors of Lizbeth coming hopefully by the end of June. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

It is made using Lizbeth threads and also some Rainbow Brite thread from Tatakool. Here blog is here:

And last but not least ...this is what I won in one of the raffles. This bag with a pink and light purple Hedgehoggie in this bag along with a kit to make one of Ruth Perry's bracelets. Fun HUH???

I guess this post is enough for now...there might be more writing and sharing with you all on another day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some of Martha Ess' Teapots I have made. I will be making more. Funny how I like teapots but not tea huh? Enjoy the picture!!! And for is now your turn....LOL.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Here is the very first picture of all of my grandchildren. I don't think the "Movie Star" in the middle is all that thrilled with Grandma Poperozi.

This is Martha's Celtic Teapot from her new book. This is a book to GET, I am telling you. I love all of the patterns in this book and I am not a tea drinker and since I was really sick last year...I don't drink coffee anymore either. But take a look at the colors I chose to make my teapot. These are colors I don't usually gravitate to....but I like it. This is from the New thread of Handy Hands "Lizbeth". I love this thread and all of the different colors. It is nice to tat with something different instead of the same O, same O, colors. You can order your thread here.
The other bit of news is tomorrow is my husband's last day at work. The company he worked for over 30 years is moving out of New YOrk State to a state where they don't have to worry about unions and so on. My husband will be 60 in May and he is going to loose some of his pension because of this move and he isn't quite the right age yet though he was close to retire. This will be a big adjustment for me to have my husband around 24/7. I am use to doing my own thing so I have a feeling I am not going to handle it very well. My time will not be my own anymore.