Sunday, July 28, 2013

 I was going to paint bobbins today but I decided to instead work on my Bedfordshire edging. This is an edging I started working on years ago...I have been trying to work on things to get them finished instead of starting a bunch of new things. The other reason for working on this edging today is as you might be able to see I am working on the corner. For me that takes more concentration and since the Chicklets are not here is a good day for that. The corner is the last corner for his edging...then it is homeward stretch to connect up to the begining. I have to do I think 20 approx. repeats of the scallop edge...This is now going to be sewed onto something..what?? I haven't got that far. I have been thinking about maybe doing some more edging for sleeve edges...but I don't know yet...still thinking. that is where and what I am doing today...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My husband and I have had some discussions about maybe trying to turn bobbins and who knows maybe sell them. My husband when he was working in a factory before he retired made me some alumium bobbins that were very nicely turned on a lathe where he worked. The Alumium was scrap metal and he had permission to do this... but he does know his way around using a lathe. So who knows right now. 
  Since my husband is 64 he is too young still to benefit from having medical insurance  so we are paying for our own insurance which is alot of money. I don't believe in having my hand out concept. We fend for ourselves. We are also on a very limited income and now that is fixed. My husband has worked since he was 16 in a factory doing factory work on hard concrete floors for all of those years until now. He didn't work at a cushiony desk job using his mind but instead it was very physical labor. His body is worn out...he felt he could work no longer I have been racking my head with other things we could do to increase our income a bit. Right now it is so tight you could n't slide a piece of paper through the money we do have.
  Tomorrow I am going to start painting bobbins again and sell them through ebay.  I have never been a blond person so I know I won't be making millions...but if I could add a few bucks here and there it will help some.As it is...he might be retired but we have no money by the time we pay our bills  (including a mortage we still owe for another 4 or 5 years yet), for anything.  Anyhow...we shall see...we shall see.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I came across this pair of bobbins on the internet and am wondering if anyone knows who the maker of these bobbins are. I don't know why but I love the London Eye bobbins. Can anyone give me a clue. Here is a picture of the bobbins.Thanks for you help in advance.
 Also the Bedfordshire bookmark I made  I am entering in the State Fair. I have never done that before. I have entered in the county fair but not the state. So this should be interesting.
   I have been working and working on the old bedfordshire edging that I started years ago. YOu can see a picture of that on my website. here... It is on the very bottom of the bobbinlace page on the right hand corner. I was originally going to put the edging on that piece of material you see in the picture but I have since scrapped that idea. I am not going to make a top and put that edging on the top around a square neckline instead.  I have three of the corner done...I have to do about 5 more repeats of the scallops and then go down one more side.  Putting this edge on a piece of material to put out only druing Holiday times seems kinda stupid to me know...I don't know what the hockey sticks I was thinking back then.