Friday, August 29, 2008

Here is a part of an edging that I have been working on that is on my Ms. Floozy roller pillow. I know it is a simple edge and I can do it with my eyes shut just about..But it does show the Honeycomb Ground.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 week at this time I will be in TN to visit my friend Erin Halloway. Just got off the phone with her and we talked about all the fun we are inticipating next week. Planning and planning.

The only other thing I will share with you is a picture of two more dragons I made. These are for my Grandson...Timmy and Peyton.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now for my show and tell....As you can see I decided to help support the tatting community's Gifted People so they will continue to come up with new toy and bags and just fun stuff for us tatters. That is my real story and I am sticking to it and Janey, O Janey I am sorry for making you wait so long...but you were right my baggies came in the mail yesterday.
I think anyone looking at this set can see me written all over it. I love it. I Love the zipper which Janey was a real expert for putting the zippers in... I always think they are a pain even though I can sew also and put zippers in...going on here...This set is really awsome. It is expertly made, Love the print...the inside of the zipper bag is lined and oh yes...there is Janey, O Janey's label...Made in England by Jane Eborall. I also think it is neat for somebody I knew made that makes it special...but when I saw this set of Janey Baggies...I have to have it. Even though Jane emailed me and told me how I was a lucky girl...I guess I was in the right place at the right time...but that is another story.
Also...didn't I tell you I would be making this cute and very professional dragon. So here is mine made out of tatting thread..."Royality" HDT by Sherry Pence. So I am naming my dragon...Dusk to Midnight. The designer's name is Anne Bruvold This is the address to Anne's Blog where you can find the pattern. I think tomorrow while babysitting I might make more of the dragons and give them to my Grandsons.
Now I go back home to Lukdom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a day for me and Michelle. Michelle (my daughte) is done for awhile, but I have one more appointment and then I will be set too. I am having four things done at get rid of two root tips from where my teeth broke while I was in Ireland eating something and I can't remember now. The one tooth had a root canal with a temperary cap and my dentist at that time said the tooth would be okay until I came back from overseas...he was wrong and all the money I paid ( root canals are NOT cheap, so that money went down the sink and I am having a couple small cavities taken care of and then as far as my teeth go...I will be set for a long time I hope. But I am regretting the next appointment big time. But I have the best dentist too so hopefully it won't be too awful.

I took my UK Lace Magazine with me to the doctor's office and guess what....I didn't bring even one pair of magnifying glasses with me. Which means I just did some people watching for awhile. But that was Poop number "1".

The other thing is I went and saw my medical doctor today. I was told I had skin cancer and he referred me to a dermatologist and said I needed to get in as soon as possible. Well...I had my suspicious and I was right. Now to find out how far it has gone and what they are going to do about it. Yikes.... This is Poop number "2".

My battery charger and batteries for some reason are not charging so it looks like I have to get another one...but at the moment I bought something else and now I don't have the money to buy the charger...well I am sure I will get one soon for I love my is just I can't take any pictures right now. OH POOP!!!! Which means I have no pictures to show and tell with ...that is another POOP....Oh well that is my day today....