Monday, August 28, 2006

It is now six o'clock in the morning and here I am up and awake looking for something to do. I have actually been up since five this morning. My husband went in to work early for overtime. So he was already out the door before five. I don't know why... but when he is gone I sense it in my sleep or something and then I am awake. I toss and turn...and can't get back to sleep. This morning I had awful heartburn for some reason too....and finally gave up and got out of the bed.
What can you do when it is still dark out...and everybody else is still sleeping...??
I turned the computer on...but already I don't want to sit in front of it any longer really...Yesterday my daughter was on the computer all day and most of the evening reading fan fiction. I just don't know how she can sit in front of the computer for hours reading. I get bored easily and just can't sit in front of the computer that long.
I have already read my email...not too much exciting going on there. I have read about the 25 motif challenge...but don't feel I can come up with that many I am not taking part in that.
I mentioned about my husband having to have a prostate biopsy done. I thought it was scheduled for Sept.22nd and I are they waiting so long before doing that...but I have found out I was wrong about the date...he is having it done on Sept 5th. But even so....I still hate waiting even that long to find out anything deffinate. I am so worried.
We were planning on going away at the end of Sept...but now our plans are on hold until we find out something for sure.
In my previous post I showed you Peter's shuttles...which right now I don't have...they got onto an airplane to points far from me. I also showed you the beads I bought at a flee market. I have made a necklace so far out of the is not a Nina Libin masterpiece...but it looks like a necklace. I still have more of the beads and I am going to make a bracelet and earrings I think to match...wondering how far the beads will stretch....When I get the bracelet and earrings tatted up I will post a picture of the set...until then....may you all find happiness.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I was in a hurry this morning...had to go to the dentist..."Dentist" is not a word I like...but I am back home now...anyhow...I should add here that the grayish/off white shuttle is horn from albino water buffalo that is only in the Philippines and china and the orangish shuttle is dyed black horn from water buffalo and the black shuttle is from water buffalo. Anyhow...these shuttles feel so smooth they feel like plastic. The points are nice and tight which the shuttles I got from Peter before were not I have to say that Peter stands behind his work. I told him I really can not tat with a shuttle where the points are not together and he sent me replacement shuttles with nice tight ends. I can't wait to see what else he comes up with. Now to go and play some more with the shuttles.....and no I will not be throwing mine against a wall. These shuttles are meant to be used gently and nicely. :)

Hi All!!
First I would like to show you the shuttles that I received from Peter Cua from the Philippines yesterday. These shuttles are just lovely...and they work really well. Peter really improved his shuttles. I know I gave him advice when I got the first shuttles from him...and he has followed through to make them perfect now. At the moment you can get a Peter shuttle from
I am trying to get them available here in the USA. I know it would make it easier if people could get their shuttles from here.
Also in the pictures notice the beads in the plastic bags. My husband and myself went to a steam peagent that was just outside Canandaigua, New York a week ago Sunday. They also had a flee market going on at the event. These beads which were sewn on some knitting...probably a sweater were cut off from the rest of the garment. I bought the piece of knitting with these beads attached and removed the beads after I got home. I plan on doing something with you can see in the picture...I have already started to play with the beads and Peter's shuttles that I received in the mail.
The Lord works in mysterious ways. I got these shuttles yesterday...and yesterday was an upsetting day for me. When my husband went for his physical a couple weeks ago...his PSA was up in his blood. The prostate gland makes this ...but when it starts to move up it is hard if it is just the prostate making this or if it is prostate cancer. So yesterday he went to see an urologist. On the physical exam a hard nodule was palpated...which means it might be cancer. He has to go for a needle biopsy on take a look at the actual cells to see if they are cancer cells. Since he came home and told me and I read the brochure he was given...I have been upset. I am scared and I am also at the same time trying to stay optomistic...but it is hard. My husband is 57 years old. Anyhow....please keep us in your prayers if you have read this. Like I said...I am trying to stay optomistic...but if he has to have surgery...that will mean time off from work...which means money problems again. I am just hoping it isn't cancer...and if it is early where it can be gotten rid of before it is too late. Sept. 22nd is for me along ways away to find out for sure what is going on.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures. Thank you for letting me share with you what is going on in my life. We need your prayers that everything will turn out well.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is an amulet bag that I came from my head dreaming of tatting....LOL. I think it is a pretty bag...though the pictures are kinda hiding that fact. But here it is anyways.

Yesterday I found out from the doctors that I am now prediabetic. So I am upset about this fact. I told my husband...and he just blew it off. I have always been afraid that I would end up with this...Diabeties is on both sides of my family.

I look at my husband who can eat and eat and eat ...and doesn't gain any weight. For me it has been a battle all my life. And people who are like my husband...don't get how hard it is to loose weight. And now...I will be battling diabeties the rest of my life. There is no cure for for now...I have to watch everything I eat...keep up the exercising for the rest of my life. So I am upset....and my husband can't figure out why.

I also found out my bone scan was even worse than last year's...but at least my cholesterol is now down. So I guess that is something. My blood pressure has always been low and now it is 110/ it is still low.

So anyhow....for whomever might be reading is some tatting and here is some personal concerns of mine.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WELL HA!! I tried to upload that picture of my pillow cases twice....and twice the pictures didn't show up...but I didn't want to try to upload it again for the third time ....for geez...who wants to see the same picture three times. So I published the blog...and what do you know...there isn't even on picture of my matching pillow I will try one more time here.....
Okay...I see the picture hopefully everything is now okay with this post.....

First I will show you some pictures to you of my Grandson Peyton Lee...and the steps of developing he has reached. He will be seven months old on August 9th. might imagine that he does keep me busy. I don't have a picture of the crawling here...but I think most of you know...if he can sit...and stand...he must also be crawling and into everything....

I was looking on ebay this evening just for the fun of it and came across a pair of pillow cases. They have a simple tatted edge in pink with for simple embroidered flowers on the cases. This pair of pillow cases are pretty...and at the moment they are going for $46.07 with three days to go.

I have a pair of pillow cases that are also embroidered by me and the tatting going around the edge was also done by me. I did the tatting years ago..(when I thought I was the only tatter in the world..HA!! ). My husband's mother was very sick. She was having mini strokes and could not be left between working full time in the evenings at the hospital...I spent the rest of the time staying with my Mother in Law till we could get her some place where she would be watched and safe...which was an adult home not a nursing home. This went on for about a month.

Anyhow...while I was staying with her I tatted the edging to past the time away. This pair of pillow cases I have to say has only been used twice. Once about four years ago when I had Tatman aka Mark Myers stay with me while he was teaching at Hector, New York. So Mark were the very first lucky one to lay your head on them...but that was because YOU was special...a "TATTER".

The second time those pillow cases were used was when the same above tatter came to stay with me again earlier this year.....BUT.....I had another friend and TATTER staying with me alas....the pillow cases had to be devided between the to Mark (my tatting friend) and the other to Erin Halloway ( another my tatting friend). Now they are packed up again. Doubt they will ever have such Kingly and Queenly Heads laying on them again. LOL!!!

Maybe I should sell them....I could claim that royal heads have rested on them....LOL

But it was sure fun Having Mark and Erin here...a special time for me.

Here is the url for the pillow cases on ebay if you want to take a gander at the pair:

And here is a picture of my tatted edge, embroidered pillow cases that have had royality heads layed on them.....

okay if there is two pictures of my pillow cases when this is published it isn't because I was showing is the Blogging process that has messed up.

Good morning all....who might come across my blog...either by intent or accident.
Been busy and Micheangelique ( my computer) has been naughty and has been playing hide and go seek with me. I have found out recently that my computer has been high jacked by alien beings that caught a ride on the Star Trek Enterprise.....Spock being the pointed ear scientist that he is...found Micheangelique and returned him to me. So now I can post a couple pictures for you...not much do I have to share....but something....
In the first pictures is my daughter's Cuckateal showing off. Her name is Pharaoh, a fitting name for a bird that rules the roost around here. We all actually thought she was a male day we saw eggs in her cage.

In the next picture is an amulet bag. The pattern is from Diana Stevens book with some alterations done to it. This is all the tatting I have done lately. Sad but true......