Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some Stuff...Erin me girlfriend....the begining of this post if for you.... we have talked in the past you know about the soldier ornaments your father made out of clothes pins...Here is a few of the different ones I have. Well guess what brain cell number 4 ( I have Janey, O Janey beat...she just doesn't know it) I guess I didn't get pictures of them after all....I know I thought about it...but I don't see the pictures so I guess I didn't..LOL...but I did get some pictures of some ornaments I made over 20 years ago from what they use to call Dough Art. Take a look at my Angels...and my Santa Claus. I had more of these but I guess I gave them away years ago...I should make some to give away next year...what do you all think?? I am surprised they lasted all this time considering they are made out of dough and painted with acrylic paints. Their hair and beards were made using a garlic press. I actually bought the press just to make the hair of my creations.

Erin showed her really cool village her father made years ago

...well here is a Charles Dickens Village I made over 20 years ago. The whole village including the Christmas three in the center of the ice skating ring lights up when plugged in. The kids get a kick out of seeing the village.

Here is my softie ceramic reindeer and sleigh that I did in blue. Each one of them has a different decoration painted on them. The packages in the sleigh get packed right back up every year along with the deer and sleigh. Every year I say I am going to use some of my wrapping paper and wrap them....but at the end of the holidays it doesn't happen and they get packed up again unwrapped. Maybe next year.

I also got a package from my friend Erin....She sent to me a beautiful snowflake and this beautiful amulet bag. I love the beads and the thread that she used. The beads seem to have a blue fire to them. A pink angel and some very nice beads which I have put away already. But here is a picture of what she sent to me.

As you might have seen on Mark Myers' Blog....he made this beautiful necklace and earring set in tatting by tatting the pendant of the necklace over wire with beads which makes it very sturdy and he did the same making a pair of earrings to match. He also sent me some beads and camouflage bag that I can carry a small project in.

Here is a couple pictures of me wearing my finery from Erin and Mark. You can see a close up of my necklace and earrings from Mark on his blog.
Oh and in the second picture I have my Grandson Peyton with me. He will be three years old tomorrow on Jan. 9th. It is hard to believe. Time goes so fast and you just can't grow more of it to do more in life.
The pictures of my new finery here just don't do them justice. They are so much more beautiful in person. I thank them both...I am so lucky.