Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi out there in Tattingland!!

The past couple of days I have been playing around with the Iris Niebach Doily...which is from a class that I took with her. She was wonderful by the way. is a few pictures showing the first round of her doily. I believe there are three more rounds to go. I think the next round consists of clunies...( Ouchy!!!) and some block least I think it does....will have to go and look.
I decided that I was going to use colors that made me think of the Peace Rose. So that is why you are seeing pink and yellows in the first picture with the green. In the other picture was the colors that was in a class kit that I bought so I wouldn't have to worry too much about bringing thread from home. I can only get so much stuff crammed in two suitcases you know.

I had asked people to send me pictures to upload onto my blog so everybody could enjoy seeing the pictures from Palmetto Tat Weekend. I also wanted to see a picture of me wearing my Purple Tatted Hat. Sue if you are reading this blog...what do you think of my hat? Pay no attention to the "Beauty Queen" wearing the hat...just look at the hat. LOL

Here is a link to Nancy Clemmons. It is a slide show or you can see the pictures individually. Enjoy!! Thank you Nancy for sharing with us. I do hope that others will send their pictures to me to upload. Lets share Huh??

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hi everybody!!! Celtic Dream Weaver here it is three days in a row I have posted to my blog...

Since being home I have looked at my treasures that were either made for me or given to me by the kindness of the giver. I have to say that Tat People are so very generous. I showed you the pictures of some of my new treasures already that was given to me at the Palmetto's Tatting Event.

Today...I recieved in the mail a beautiful and really nice representation of Bedfordshire Bobbinlace that was given to me by Connie Angeline. She was already so very generous to me at the Palmetto Tatting Event and now she has graced me with the care of a very old piece of lace.

I have been studing it. It has the nine pin lace edging and it has the trails and even what we that make bobbinlace call raised tallies or clunies. The lace is made with very thin thread and is very delicate.

Connie if you are reading this...thank you so much for the beautiful piece of lace. I will take very good care of it. You mentioned to me that you were going to mail the lace right out to me as soon as you got home and I guess you did for today is Wednesday and I have the lace in my possession already.

Here is a picture of the beautiful lace that I am so lucky to now own.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here are some Tat People from Jane that
will be going back home to the UK. The Tat People that is on a outline of New York State also went back with Jane. They represent some New Yorkers in Tattingland. I am not one of them. Lately I can't seem to get to a tatting meeting.

Here are some people pictures that I just took at ramdom at one of the Tatting Party Nights.

Here is some eye Tatting Candy for you to enjoy.

This tatting is an representation of some of the tatting art that is given away at the South Carolina Fair.

More eye candy.

Love this bee...I wonder if there is a pattern for
it somewhere..does anybody know??

A Cardinal Bird design of Mark Myers.

A flower design of Mark Myers. I have a feeling the wheel barrel with the flowers is Jane Eborall's design.

A Maple leaf design of Mark Myers. Isn't it pretty? I can see me doing this leaf in Fall colors.
Where is Mark Myers Garden Tatting Book anyways?????

Well...I put this picture here twice and I don't know how to get rid of one of them. So we have a duplicate picture here.

This is a design by Karey Solomon.

These are all the pictures I took during my vacation and at Palmetto's Tat Event. I have a few others but they are mainly duplicates of some of these pictures I have already posted. I hope you enjoy them. If you have pictures that you have taken yourself...I am more than willing to post them to my blog for others to see. Please just send me an email to let me know. I will give you credit for your pictures.
Reality Checked in yesterday is now back to same O same O ....