Monday, May 10, 2010


I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day. Here is my Mother's day in a nut shell. A couple weeks ago my husband started working on my Mother's Day Present. It is this new flower bed I have started with some hanging solar lights shooting rays of light on my bed at night. Actually they look like fairy lights flying around at night. My husband bought all of this including the plants. My Shawn was even surprised that his father got me the plants. I am more the person that does the gardening in my yard. In the picture you see my husband Gary and two of my grandchildren, Kiara and Peyton with my flower bed.

Mother's DAy for me yesterday started off with a gift from my daughter Chrystal. And here is what I did with my Grandchildren Timothy ( Timmy Guy) and Peyton his brother the future Colts football player.

At 8:30 in the morning we left my house and went to this fancy resteraunt here and had breakfast. The boys each had three boritos and orange juice and I had a Egg McMuffin...( shhh...I know I am a diabetic and shouldn't have had this scrumtious starchy food, but I decided not to keep track of my glucose on Mother's Day. We all enjoyed my meal out. I don't get to eat at McDonalds very much anyway and that was even before I found out I was a diabetic.
I should tell you that the day before Mother's Day we had a weather alert for high winds...and High they were. We lost power around 7:70 that night and didn't get it back until 5:30 that morning. I sat and played Solitaire on my DS until I went to bed. Anyhow...the winds brought lower temperatures so much so it also brought snow the next morning.
But the weather turned colder so much so...we had snow flurries flying around the next Morning. I got a picture here of Peyton outside McDonalds with the snow flurries flying around but you really can't see them...unless you look for the white specks.

After eating out at the fancy resteraunt...we went to a very "Plush" story called Wally World and did some serious shopping. Legos was on our list you see Star War Legos and Toy Story 3 Legos. These were bought for the boys and all Legos stay at my house. I am the Lego Police woman and I keep all the legos from dissappearing into the land of LEGO VOID. At Chrystal's house ( the boys Mother and my oldest daughter) the legos disappear and at the price of some want to keep track of the little pieces.

I happened to love putting Legos together myself. I used to do it with all my kids and now I do it with my grandchildren also. Peyton loved the Toy Story 3 Train. It was costly...but Chrystal for MOther's Day paid for the breakfast out at the fine resteraunt and for the Legos.

So in the afternoon the boys and I sat in the Livingroom with Toy Story 1 and 2 DVDs playing for ambience....we put the legos together. I really enjoyed doing that with the boys.

My Chrystal also got me some new perfume called Eternal Magic from Avon and some Vanilla Shower wash and also some GHIRADELLI chocolate in different flavors. Yeah, I shouldn't have candy but I can actually have candy every once in awhile just not all the time. As I was told by my diabetic teacher...the body doesn't know what kind of carbs I am putting in my body...just that it is carbs. So I can have candy even chocolate every once in awhile...but I have to give up another carb some where else during the day.
My daughter Michelle got me the DVD set of Discovery Oceans ...she knows I really enjoyed the show "Life" that just aired on the Discovery Channel. So after the two "Toy Stories "were over I started to watch my box set.

My oldest son Shawn got me a gift certificate for Lowes so I can buy more plants for my garden or whatever for my yard. I love doing things outside when the weather turns warm.

My youngest son Ryan got me a gift certificate for Starbucks coffee. He promised me that sometime we will go together and have coffee. His company is actually worth more than the coffee. I know how hard it is to be seen in public with Mom.
So I had a really fun Day as you can see by the pictures I am showing you all here.

I hope you all have a fun and perfect loving Mother's DAy!

I am going to leave you with just one more picture....this is something I am working is a you have any idea what my tease will be at the end....