Thursday, June 13, 2013

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to this blog...been busy ...I just finished making the Thistle Bookmark designed by Jean Leader of the UK. As you can see...I did it in black with some metallic threads also thrown in for good measure. This bookmark was definately a learning experience for me and I did make some mistakes...but hey...itsn't making mistakes part of life lessons so you can learn by them and then move on... I used Tanne size 30 and a thin factory black/gold thread for the inner lace along Gutermann  heavier silk thread for the gimp around flower heads and Tanne size 30 with Goldrush for the outside framing. In the one picture here you can see the finished bookmark before I took all the pins out of it. This picture was taken last night. The two piles of bobbins you see are 66 pairs....that is how many I personally used by having to take them in and out of the Bedfordshire Style piece of lace. The picture where the bookmark looks like it is in front of the blinds I took so you could kinda see the metallic threads that I used throughout the  design. I am thinking of doing maybe the Shamrock or the Rose one that is also in the same booklet...I haven't decided it I want to do it in white...or try to play with color ( which I know would be hard doing Bedfordshire Lace ) or if I want to do it in the same black with the metallic threads....decisions...decisions let me know what you think of my can respond here or on Arachne List since I will be sharing my finished piece with them also... I am hoping to see some feedback good or bad..