Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good morning all....who might come across my blog...either by intent or accident.
Been busy and Micheangelique ( my computer) has been naughty and has been playing hide and go seek with me. I have found out recently that my computer has been high jacked by alien beings that caught a ride on the Star Trek Enterprise.....Spock being the pointed ear scientist that he is...found Micheangelique and returned him to me. So now I can post a couple pictures for you...not much do I have to share....but something....
In the first pictures is my daughter's Cuckateal showing off. Her name is Pharaoh, a fitting name for a bird that rules the roost around here. We all actually thought she was a male birdie....until....one day we saw eggs in her cage.

In the next picture is an amulet bag. The pattern is from Diana Stevens book with some alterations done to it. This is all the tatting I have done lately. Sad but true......


Blogger erin said...

Somebody's been busy! What a beautiful bag! And what a sassy bird!

What kind of thread is that, Sherry B?

9:21 AM  

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