Thursday, August 27, 2009

I had been thinking awhile about trying my hand in micro macrame'. I might even do some designing on my own eventually once I start to feel more comfortable in doing this work and maybe marrying it to tatting. We will see what will happen with that as time goes buy...which time keeps right on moving so fast that is is tomorrow yesterday. is my my necklace. I got this pattern from Donna. Here is her blog url incase you are interested. Donna sells kits and patterns. She also has downloaded free patterns and a downloadable tutorial incase you want to learn. She also has an Etsy shop. You will find all of this information on her blog.

Also I got a huge surprise in the mail today. About two weeks ago someone on Arachne List had given his accounting of what he thought of some of the stuff he saw here in America. There was also a discussion of chocolate. This person was from Belgium I believe. Anyhow....I had written to the list and mentioned how I LOVE white chocolate and it was funny how I had to go all the way to England in order to buy a huge white solid chocolate candy bar without the cereal or cookie crumbs in the chocolate. Well, Margery Allcock from England saw my message.

Yes Folks, I got a big solid white Belgium Chocolate candy Bar in the mail but that wasn't all...she sent me some Foreign Postage Stamps and also....another real big surprise...a pair of painted Bobbins for Bobbinlace making. The pair both have a mouse painted on them. One mouse is eating berries under a mushroom and on the other bobbin the mouse is in a strawberry patch. I love both of the bobbins. I should mention that I wrote to Margery earlier this year and was able to buy a few things from her that she was selling so she knew I collected foreign postage stamps and that I also did bobbinlace.
What a surprise huh? I was so thrilled with the package which was a huge surprise. THANK YOU Margery!!! You sure brightened up my day. Things are hard right now for me since my husband lost his job earlier this year and all of our dreams were flushed away from Corporate Greed.


Blogger Annika said...

What a sweeeeeet necklace! It has such a delicacy to it, very indicative of Donna's designwork. Enjoy!

9:36 AM  
Blogger Tatman said...

LUCKY YOU!!! Nice gifts to get from a fellow lacemaker from the UK. Nice job on the necklace. :)

remember I like dark chocolate....hint, hint ;)

12:12 PM  
Blogger Annika said...

Hi again,
Check out my website at or my micro-macrame blog at . Both have that free download mentioned on Amazon - it's called the Aspen Choker. let me know how the tatting thread works out for micro-macrame; I've used Gudebrod's silk cord (sizes FF and FFF) and it is magnificent!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Bonnie said...

How nice of a fellow lacer! Pretty necklace.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Tanya said...

Your necklace is beautiful!! Nice work!! Best of luck to your DH on the job front.. it is not easy for anyone in these times.

8:44 AM  
Blogger erin said...

Wow, Sherry! You've been a busy girl! I'm so happy you had a lovely surprise - surprises are wonderful, especially the lacy and chocolaty kind. The necklace is indeed gorgeous. Oh, look! Marky-mark has a new picture!

9:04 AM  
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Blogger Tara said...

Lovely necklace. I love all your color choices for the motifs you've done in previous posts as well. I'll have to try some Lisbeth thread soon myself.

11:40 AM  

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