Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a day for me and Michelle. Michelle (my daughte) is done for awhile, but I have one more appointment and then I will be set too. I am having four things done at get rid of two root tips from where my teeth broke while I was in Ireland eating something and I can't remember now. The one tooth had a root canal with a temperary cap and my dentist at that time said the tooth would be okay until I came back from overseas...he was wrong and all the money I paid ( root canals are NOT cheap, so that money went down the sink and I am having a couple small cavities taken care of and then as far as my teeth go...I will be set for a long time I hope. But I am regretting the next appointment big time. But I have the best dentist too so hopefully it won't be too awful.

I took my UK Lace Magazine with me to the doctor's office and guess what....I didn't bring even one pair of magnifying glasses with me. Which means I just did some people watching for awhile. But that was Poop number "1".

The other thing is I went and saw my medical doctor today. I was told I had skin cancer and he referred me to a dermatologist and said I needed to get in as soon as possible. Well...I had my suspicious and I was right. Now to find out how far it has gone and what they are going to do about it. Yikes.... This is Poop number "2".

My battery charger and batteries for some reason are not charging so it looks like I have to get another one...but at the moment I bought something else and now I don't have the money to buy the charger...well I am sure I will get one soon for I love my is just I can't take any pictures right now. OH POOP!!!! Which means I have no pictures to show and tell with ...that is another POOP....Oh well that is my day today....


Blogger Tattycat said...

I am sorry for all of the "poops." Especially the skin cancer one. I hope they will quickly figure out what treatment you need and get started. Take care and please keep us posted.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Tanya said...

Sherry- sorry to hear of the skin cancer. I hope your doctor gets you treated quickly and completely. Do remember when the days get challenging and difficult, this too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day,full of promise and hope. Take care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon with good news! Big smile.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Tatman said...

OH DEAR! Is it topical skin cancer where they can remove the leasion or some other form. My uncle is constantly getting the cancer leasions and getting them removed. Prayers for you!!!!

1:55 PM  

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